$5 Rainbow EDC Walmart Fidget Spinner Unboxing Review and Giveaway

Description: This passage is mainly about walmart fidget spinner. This passage is an unboxing of Rainbow EDC Fidget Spinner which is for only 5 dollars, and it is all-metal with a rainbow on it.

I have got to know the fidgets spinner up for an unboxing interview, this is sent to me courtesy of, this is at EDC bar spinner, I think it retails for only $5, there will be a link in the description to check it out, it is cool and all-metal, it’s got a rainbow and ization on it, so let’s open it up to see what it looks like.

You can see how long it spins for, then I’ll tell you how you can win it, so it comes in a little metal box such as this little tape on it, so let’s cut that up and scratch up my knife, that’s fine, I get a sharp in the scanner and the color is very nice and cool, anodization on this looks like a heat, and I use electric bolts and I start from talking weird.

I get a cavity fix today and my whole side of my face is numb, but the caps unscrew, this is your standard size bar spinner, I previously review the Matt Minko spinner which is about the same size, it’s got the R 0 88 bearing or 180 called the yo-yo size bearings, and this one looks like it, I think it’s the way that the lights reflect off of it.

But it seems that it has a gold bearing there, I think it’s the stainless steel on, though I think it’s the way that the color and the light are reflecting off, it’s bright out here and vivid, but the box is very simple, there is nothing to it, there is no writing on it or anything, but it has got a nice foam cushion cut out.

If you want to keep it in stickers over the windows, you’re going to take that off, but other than that, it is very cool, let’s put it back together the caps, our buttons have a nice concave to them, there’s no texture to it, it’s quite slick, but it’s got a nice ringing sound to it, but that sound is not like the bearing grinding, I think it’s the way that the metals make, I don’t know if it’s rubbing somewhere or the sound makes on the wind.

But it’s still spinning freely when I move it, it slows down a little more than something like a try spinner will, but that’s normal with the bar spinner, so it has a nice small size, it’s going to be obviously much easier to fit in your pocket on your standard try spinner, so that’s nice, it is a little heavy, it’s got a little weight to it which makes it feel more high quality.

So it is for five bucks, that’s very cool, if you’re into anodization or all the rainbow colors and stuff, then this will be up your alley, let’s go inside where it’s not so bright and you can see my phone, and we’ll spin this thing on the table to see how long it can spin for, we’ll be back, you hear my phone.

We’ll set up at the stopwatch, I get the old fidget spinner here, so let’s do it, look at the wrist, play some punk music jam out for a second, and we’re back, so it is under three minutes out of the box, for a bar spinner, that’s not bad, I think it is going to go bad, that’s better than I think, because the sound makes me think that something might be rubbing, but it’s the sound that you make.

I think it’s how I like the group’s cut the air, it’s the sound of the rotation cutting the air, so you can hear it, there are almost three minutes out of the box and it probably isn’t the best, I don’t want to spin it everyday, I like to accidentally move it a little, it probably isn’t similar on this captain and all the way, so that might affect it a little, but overall, it is very good for a five-dollar metal spinner, so that’s great.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like the article, I hope you like this better, I think this thing is neat especially for five bucks, on the last couple of feature spinners that I have reviewed, I have done some durability tests and completely destroyed them, and I have got a lot of hate for that and I want to give it away.

So we’re going to give this one away, we’re going to write here on YouTube, so it is very simple, comment on this article, make sure that you’re subscribed to me, turn on the notifications and in about a week on this article, I’ll comment who the winner is, and I’ll pin the comment to the top so that person sees it, good luck to everybody, hope you like the spinner.

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