Are Walmart Fidget Spinners Dead ?

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It’s Bobby, today I think it’s time to say that the food is better trend which might be dead, let’s get a little bit more in depth on why I’m saying this, if you don’t know, I don’t know where you’ve been, these things here have been taking over the internet, taking over people’s lives, taking over schools, taking over everything with these fitted spinners here.

You’re taking over stores, everybody wants one of these, basically this video center trend has been insane, I still think they’re cool and even if they are dying, I still see myself using these in the future, because I think that they’re fun to play with.

But I do need to tell you how I take over by the trend, how many I have, this is how many fitness centers I’ve acquired, so I have 14 and there are some customs in there. I thought that these were cool to make videos, it’s a cool trend for me.

I do use them at school, they’re definitely dying out and the reason I’m saying this basically is that as you can tell by some of my previous videos, we have my 7-eleven Center video here, 59 thousand views and then my previous 7-eleven finish for video has 800 views.

If you can do math, that’s how much of a different set it up, if you like my junior spinner video, jump to the comments they fidget BAM and I’ll love your comment, so basically these spinners you can find, I got this one at the marathon gas station, I’ve gotten them at 7-eleven online at Amazon to prove to you how and what the trend was.

We went to total of it in a week, two days to 3 days, several lemons across the country sold over four ten dollars worth of food spinners in a week, think about that these things in kids hands across the globe, but these things were hot.

I’ve been noticing the decline of kids using these in class and of kids having these, I know that there are still a lot of people who want these and haven’t gotten their hands on them, but try blessed cause like three weeks or so, it’s definitely not completely done, so don’t rest in peace to finish your trends.

It might be gone sometimes soon and also like the first week, when I was taking these to school, almost every kid would be asking me, let me borrow that for a second, let me use that, let me try that out like a bunch of random things, like two kids a day, that’s like or less asking you to use these.

That’s basically all for this video, there’s not too much to explain about it being dead, the trend partment is definitely going down and it’s one of those new crazes that everybody wants to have and stuff like that, but the videos for eternal definitely lasts.

Hopefully, it goes on for a little bit longer, because I think they’re cool, so they say if you don’t know what a spinner is, like I said, I don’t know where you’ve been, but this is basically the basic of a fidget spinner here.

Basically, it’s this spinner and it got four bearings on it and spins like that, that’s all, it’s what it is, these are cool and you go on, buy one mode trend, and I definitely recommend it, you can find them from the price range of about $3, one dollar, you can find them, but one dollar to $300.

I’ve seen stuff, please the money alert shot the bongo in a realm of this video, it’s new to my channel and you have not subscribed, become a bobber and subscribe now for more videos like this.

You can subscribe, subscribe in summer time, I fidget in the conchs, get a life comment from me and if you haven’t watched this video, where have you been like the video, but it’s going to be Bobby and shout to max and we are going to skedaddle out of here.

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