Crazy DIY Walmart Fidget Spinner

Description: The passage below shows us the main content which is completely popular and heated discussed topic that is related to Walmart fidget spinner. The author is going to make a custom spinner by himself and indicate us the detailed processes which may be crazy.

It’s Bobby, today I am making a custom fidget center, so basically I am going to start out with the bearing and then cut out some big cardboard like paper thingy, turn out, it is cool, so I’m going to show you what I’m doing.

Let’s get into it, so my pups are making this, hopefully, it turns out, so we have normal blue here, we’ve got some crazy glue, we have one very thin paper and then dislikes thicker like styrofoam there.

I have a lot of stuff to work with and hopefully this turns out as I hope to, let’s get into it, so basically what I’m going to do first, it traces the center, you can see that, but I have it under that, you’re going to line up your bearings here.

We’re going to trace around this, you’re going to need some scissors talking to do it, I first attempt touch getting this tank out, I don’t know whether I am going to work or not, but we’re going to need to cut two layers.

I’m going to have to trace, so it’s sloppy, but here’s the base of it, so what I’m going to need to do is to make another layer of this and basically that’s shoot, I broke it tonight, let’s go together, figure out how to use this, so this is the next day from when I met, made this, but this Center is absolutely insane.

It sends for four seconds, five seconds, let’s do a quick spin test, but it’s not doing anything, so it lasted for five seconds which is absolutely trash and this is not very good, but if it is for some reason, I want to make one of these go for it.

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen, so basically we have one layer of paper on the bottom, two layers of styrofoam presentation board whatever you want to call it, one more layer of paper and then you have six nickels, so this spinner is absolutely crazy, you can see that insane line work there.

This is great and definitely not my best fidget spinner terrible and a lot more videos are coming out with that, because those are fun videos to make and I enjoy those, so don’t forget to smash you like it, if you’re new, subscribe to the channel for more videos like this, if you see Serge Miller videos, leave it in the comments and go to the secret comment in the description.

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