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How to Use The Walmart Grocery Promo Code

Description: The article below is mainly designed to demonstrate some facts with the key point on Walmart grocery promo code. The author feels excited to show you an opportunity to get a free $10 credit to Walmart grocery pick up and tell you the ways to access to the Walmart website.

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Today I’m excited to show you an opportunity to get a free $10, a free $10 credit to Walmart grocery pick up, when you sign up, I don’t know if anyone has tried, the grocery pick up has grown with Walmart over the last year or two.

It’s something that’s been very convenient especially for stay-at-home mothers or people with busy lives, so I’ve tried it once or twice and seems good though you do have to set an appointment or set a time to have your groceries pick up.

But let’s get started, what I’m going to do is to go to Walmart’s website which I’m going to access here and most people will be not logged in once they get into the website, but I stay logged, what you’re going to need to do is to go to departments and click on Walmart grocery pick up.

As you see here on the top left, that’s what unity to access it now, they’ll ask you to sign in if you have an account, otherwise, they’ll type it code and it’ll show if it’s about what you store.

Most Walmart super centers definitely should at least have the service, but if not, then sometime soon now with Walmart grocery for usually people who try it for the first time, they get $10 off their first online order with this code.

But that’s what I’m not talking about, that’s something you’re able to do for any first-timers, but what I want to do is to hit the refer and get $10, let’s go back and it shows featured items now, it’s going to have what you prove like the stuff that it usually recommends based on your previous purchases.

But you’re able to shop by department, look at several departments such as Donuts pastries, fresh fruits and featured items, you cash up over here of all these type of departments that you want to take a look at whether it’s office, whether it’s healthy and beauty its organic, its food or beverages.

It’s empty and there’s an option to check out you to put your favorites or save your favorite items, I haven’t, I’m not going to order anything now, so what’s going to happen? This is going to be the link, you’re going to need to sign up through here.

I’m going to have to show it up easily, see it here, so sign up for what my grocery using this link and I will get ten dollars, you make sure you get your ten dollar credit, that is the only way, you’re able to get that $10 free credit, apply it to you when you use Walmart grocery.

Type in that, as you sign up and you will get your ten dollars and we are both winners and in time for the holidays to have a little extra money set aside, when you do refer others, you also get $10 and they get $10.

Feel free to spread the love and feel free to spread the word and that’s what I got today and check out some of my videos, we’ll have at least once or twice a week, we’ll be putting a video of another similar video like this, thanks for your time and subscribe to my channel and feel free to tell everybody, I’m a Taylor Swift fan, thanks.

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