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My Walmart Grocery Pickup Experience Promo Code Time out with Ashna

Description: This passage is mainly about walmart grocery promo code. This passage is about the process of Walmart Pickup Grocery which is incredible. The writer is realizing more and more that people don’t know about it. So the writer shows us her experience about that.

Welcome to my channel, I have a special article for you today, it’s a little tip, it’s a little off the makeup track, but it’s something that we can all benefit from whether you have children or not, especially if you have children, it is called Walmart grocery pickup, Walmart grocery pickup has been such a game-changer and a life saver which has saved me from impulse buying, it is the best.

So if you want to see how the whole process is and how it benefits your life, keep watching, and if you don’t have an account, I will make an account on, and then up here it says that go out there to see free Walmart grocery pickup, you can go up into this drop menu, you can do kid stuff produce, it’s in every category, it’s going down each aisle.

The one thing that I love about shopping this way and that I’ve only done it once is that you don’t impulse buy so much, you stick to your list, because there’s lots of time that I will go to Walmart or Target or any grocery store and I’m walking around, and I don’t need that, it helps you keep within your budget.

So I’m going to give an example, there are different ways that you can go and say that I want to get some milk, you can go that way and hold up milk, you can add however much you need, this is vitamin D which is usually good, if you don’t want more, you can add, if you don’t need to change your mind, go to lessen it, we’ll take it off your cart.

Now as you see over here, I have one two percent milk whey, what you can still be tempted is that you type in what you need such as I need some green onions, so here are green onions, it gives you all different forms of what I’m going to continue adding things to my list, I’m probably going to stick with the search engine as opposed to the drop down menu, because that’s a little bit of more impulse buying even though I’m not walking through the story.

So now I have completed my grocery list, so after I have done, I’ll go to checkout, it’ll show the location that’s closest to you, and if you want to pick a different location, you can do that, but I’m picking the one that is closest to me that they have picked, and then you click continue, and then the next thing that I haven’t had an experience where they can do it the same day.

So you have to have a little preparation, but what I usually do is that after I drop my daughter off at school, I can go straight to the grocery store afterwards, so I’m going to pick the 8 to 9 a.m. timeslot, I’m going to purchase, click continue, and then you review your order and it’s always good to double check here, because up here is where they make it, it says substitute all.

Now there are certain items that I do not want substitute, there are certain name brands that I want, so make sure that you look through this list and click the things, uncheck it for things that you don’t want to substitute, for example, I don’t want them to substitute the toothpaste, I pick it out, I’m going to go through this list and uncheck the things that I don’t want them to substitute.

Then I’ll tell you what to do next, go through my entire list and uncheck the things that I want to keep, it isn’t a whole lot of room, and I’m going to place my order, that’s the internet portion of it, I’m going to pick up the groceries, tomorrow I’m going to have all my kids in the car and I won’t even have to step outside the car, they’re going to load, and it is the pickup grocery location and they have all these little parking signs, maybe four of them.

Then once you pull up, you call this number and they come out at the doors with your purchases, but I’m going to tell you that it is 8:03, I’m about to call and then we’ll see how the whole process is, I see a lady park here to go inside, she probably thinks that I’m doing grocery pickup this night, you can see the sign, it’s not meant for you to have better parking, because you’re getting groceries and everyone’s getting groceries.

They’re going to bring it in, it seems that they’re bringing all my groceries which are loaded in my car, I don’t even have to get out of my car, all I have to do is to roll down my window, so I don’t want a video tape her, because I don’t know if she would like that, so she gives me my receipt and and she tells me that one of the items that I have is unavailable the brand and I don’t want substitution for that, so they don’t charge me.

Then there’s only one thing that they substitute which is the butternut squash, so they give me a different line which is a little more expensive, I’ve inspected all our groceries to make sure that I have got everything that I need, I inspect the vegetables, this is my cilantro, they don’t give me a bad batch, the parsley looks good, here are the green onions and these are things that I would have picked.

I need one and I should get that next time, this is my experience for your experiment changing commotion, I don’t have any complaint, even the mangoes are true test and they’re ripe, there’s one that maybe couldn’t have another day, but that’s good, but the fresh mangoes are good, so I have got everything that I want, one FIFA is not healthy option, so at least I take away one box at temptations.

Maybe I have one complaint, I have ordered smoked paprika and they give me regular paprika, but what they don’t know is that I have ordered regular paprika in the same order, so now I have two big huge spices, so that’s my only complaint, I can still use this, so I drop my daughter off at about 7:40, I drive over to the Walmart about nine o’clock and all this is done, it’s unloaded.

Now I’ve got to prepare for my meals, if they’d do that, that would be great, so there you have it simple, it’s awesome, I’m going to do it from now on, if I want to go to Walmart, that is because I still like my h-e-b, but I like my Walmart, if it’s going to keep me from having to take all my three children to get my groceries, the hardest part is unloading it.

So I don’t know if that’s the hardest part, I am in 100%, I think that I’m a new person in Yuval, I’ve seen people go without kids or whether your heart or legs hurt, I have a bum knee when I go, it’s a good job, I am proud of Walmart, if you want to see more of my articles that have some new ones coming up soon, I have my new computer, so I can edit.

Make sure that you subscribe and I look forward to seeing you or I look forward to you seeing me in my next article, my children and my dog have got some good ones coming, and if you want to learn from me, subscribe, thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next article, bye.

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