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Activate Walmart Money Card It Is A Scam

Description: The article is related to walmart money card activate. The writer primarily recommends you to stay away from the Walmart prepaid card, because it is not safe and convenient to store and withdraw your money.

I want to talk about the money cad from Walmart. The Green Dot is the one that runs Visa. They won’t have nothing to go bad. I recommend that you should stay away from that card. I don’t that think this is safe. Your money’s not safe. It’s not backed by anything. They are not going to refund you.

They advertise a lot to make people put tax returns on it. Now you don’t want to do that, the customer service is terrible. They try to force you to go to their website and go to the questionnaire. You look up your problem there and try to fix it, because they don’t want to talk to you.

Some people are from another country, they don’t speak English. My English is not good at all. So I won’t be good at a customer service job. When something bad happens to your money, it will be a bad start with a bad feeling. When that happens, you will feel terrible.

Why do I tell you this? Because my money got taken. Several years ago, I got divorced, I worked on a part-time about sherry. I got that card and, I tried to make some money. So I could keep track of everything separated from my bank account. This card was used to pay a little thing like gas.

My daughter’s birthday is coming. I promised to buy her an iPhone. Her birthday will come in three days. I am going to take her to downtown to make sure that she has a fun time. I had $1,600 in the debit card, I checked my card, all the money disappeared.

I spent an hour talking to someone, then I couldn’t understand words. I was frustrated. My head was about to blow up. I was so mad. I wrote a report of what happened and sent ti to them. Somebody went to an ATM in the gas station with my pen. I imagine that my pen and my card were in my pocket. I had them all the time, I had my card in my pocket.

I explained everything to them, they said that they’re going to give me an answer. They denied my claim, they said that I was going to get a letter on the mail in 15 days. So I have to wait for 15 days, then I’ll see what I can do. There are not many options, it’s going to take me a long time. So my daughter is going to be mad, she is going to be disappointed.

So do not put your tax returns on, it is very sketchy, it’s not a secure card. I won’t support it. If you don’t need a debit card on the first placement, there will be so many options which you can have. I’ll take you to a credit union.

Don’t get a prepaid card, because it has secure issues. You don’t want to put your money in it. I’m disappointed, it’s a very terrible place to be in, especially around Christmas. You don’t want to mess around with that. This content is for you who are considering to deposit your money.

Do not set it up in a prepaid card, trust me, this is not a good idea. That’s my advice. I hope that you take it. I’ll let you know what happened with the whole situation, I’ll make another content.

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