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Green Dot Walmart Money Card Scammed Me Activate

Description: The article is related to walmart money card activate. The writer primarily tells you that the Green Dot cards of Walmart are not safe and convenient to use. The cards are difficult to get because of complex details.

I am going to tell you how Walmart and Green Dot cards scammed me within the first day. So stay tuned. My channel represents what I like to show. Anything is possible. I’d love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Click my logo in the bottom. Click on that or find the words described in the description.

I want to tell you what has happened. I went to a Walmart and wanted to do a research. I have a bank account for my employer. I wanted to switch to a card to see whether it would be any different. So I figured that I would try this disc.

It’s a Walmart card which is called a money spend card. They claim that you can get direct bonds if you use a prepaid card. They claim what you have to do is to set up. Then there’s a person routing the bank information to be able to give your employer. It’s supposed to be simple. What you have to do is to look up two words.

I’m going to make a content and let everybody know about this. I’m going to share my story of what happened so that you do not get scammed with this type of thing as well. Now they may change it. Now don’t do it, it’s crazy, you’re going to get a scam.

When I went to buy the card, I opened a little thing that shows steps on how to register the card and to be able to use it. It said, to make sure you to pick it as a register, you can deposit up to five hundred dollars. To make sure that the things are activated, I went home and activated it online.

The rule is that I have to put $20 deposit, that’s the minimum. I was going to order to be able to buy this. It did not say that on any description. That was fine. I got it, the card cost one dollar. I put $20 on it. I got home to register it. It asked me to input some information, my name, address, ID password and so on.

Then it asked me to verify my identity. When I verified my identity, I needed to find some types of personal information.Why did I have to verify my identity for something? I opened it and got ready to put money on. After I opened the account, it said, make sure that nobody else can hack that camera. I did not understand that concept, but I went through all the steps on verifying my identity.

When I corrected it, it came back and said that I did not verify my identity, then I wouldn’t be issued a permanent card because of temporary Congress. At that time, I thought that I can use temporary card, I am not worried about it, I need something to deposit my checks. So I went through the whole process.

It said that my account was ineligible. That’s what they advertised. The toll-free number is on the back of the card. If you want to call service about this card and talk to an actual person, you might hang it up automatically. The People over Facebook and Twitter say that they want to talk to an actual person not an automated service.

I rolled back into my account online, I found a different number except for the change of address. I called this number to talk to a real person. I called it. I wondered why my cards did not allow direct deposit, even though I answered everything correctly. I went through all the steps.

I need to go through a taxi and pay money on it. It asked me for a car number and all the information. To verify who I am, I came back. It said that I didn’t verify myself online, so they could not issue me a permanent card. So I could not reload the card with any money, I could not get direct deposit.

I tried to explain that all the questions were correct. I had some issues for them to keep me from getting a permanent card. The system tried to explain to me like that. The system was wrong. You shouldn’t have to go through all that to open an account.

I answered questions. There was a polling that nobody else would know. Then I input my phone number for security purposes. I did not understand the whole concept. After that, I hung up, I gave up. So I got a card which has twenty dollars on it.

I can’t use it for nothing, I can’t reload and can’t deposit. You can do a search about Walmart credit cards, some hackers have been hacking Walmart cards and taking money from them. There’s something going on with their systems. So stay away from these cards until they get the cards fixed.

Because I got a card which gasps everything. That includes their Walmart gift cards. I wouldn’t do that. The Blue Bird cards are associated with Walmart. They claim that they’re not associated with any bank. I don’t know how the cards work, I suggest that you should not try those because of social war. I’m not going to do business with one of them.

I’m still waiting for the response of from green dot. They sent me a message on Twitter. I want them to know what is going on and how they can fix the issues. I told them from the first step. They need to change, there’s nothing that they can do for me.

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