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Walmart Money Card Review and Activate by Trevor Grijalva

Description: The article is related to walmart money card activate. The writer primarily shares his own experience of using a Walmart money card to pay for something. You can know that you can not buy anything with the card from the author’s experience.

Last Thursday, I got a Walmart money card to pay for something. I read some reviews, they seemed to have no overdraft fees, no sign-up. A three-dollar fee was used to put some money on it. That’s why I chose that one.

So I went there, an old lady was at the customer service desk. I said, I would like to purchase a Walmart money card. She said, which one do you want? She didn’t know the differences. So I needed to take a minute to think about that. I looked at the different ones, I grabbed two, the only difference between them was the color. I took them to the register where you’re supposed to be able to pay for everything and load them.

Then a younger lady said, you need to take that to the customer service. I said, I don’t know. She didn’t help me, she didn’t want to do a job. So I went back and then asked the lady at customer service center, what’s the difference between these cards? Neither of them knew about the color.

I got this one that didn’t say Walmart on it. You don’t want your card at a same Walmart. I went to pay for the thing online, it declined. Then I tried it three or four more times, it declined every time. I tried to buy some food with it, it didn’t work. So I started calling customer service, nobody could do anything or know what was going on.

Then I came to a lady, she said that she was sending me to technical support, it would take 24 hours, she would call me back the next day. They were supposed to call me the next day, that never happened.

So I try my card every day, it does not work. Now it’s Monday, I have tried the card a few times this morning, it does not work. I tried to pay for my eBay winnings, so I started calling the card number. I called them four or five times this morning, every time I got to the wrong person or to a survey or to a disconnected phone.

Last phone call, I got through to a man, you’re going to witness my last phone call, this looks familiar. Walmart money card is a loadable debit card from Walmart. It says, valued customer, this is a temporary card. So you are going to witness their great service.

I put $200 on it on Thursday to buy something of E-bay. It declined my purchases. It says, there’s a security block on the card. I haven’t made any purchase over the amount. So I called the customer service every day. I called on Friday, a lady said, we’re sending it to tech support, and it’ll be good in 24 hours.

Now it is Monday, she was supposed to call me back, they were supposed to call me back. I didn’t get any phone call. Now it’s Monday, my cards are still being declined. So here’s the customer service from Walmart.

Last week, I put 200 bucks on a card. This is the 8th time to call today, I keep getting disconnected. I put 200 bucks last week. I’ve tried to purchase something, it always says decline. I went online, it said that there’s a security block on my card. On Friday the lady that I talked to said, she was sending it to technical support, and it would be resolved in 24 hours, and that didn’t happen. So I’m trying to make my card work.

So it always gets transferred to technical support. This is insane, I keep calling, I’m not canceling my card. What I got it for was to get something off eBay. So I’ll try to do that again. It’s not your fault, it’s something funny that happened.

What he was doing took 20 minutes, It was a hassle. So my experience of getting the card wasn’t great. The people didn’t know what they were doing. The first lady seemed irritated by me. The second lady didn’t want to help me, she set me back to the first lady. So they were not responsible for their jobs.

I don’t know whether that was a problem of Walmart or their individual problems. I got the card on Thursday, now it’s Monday. I haven’t been able to use it. I want to show you what I’ve been dealing with. I hope that I will not have any of these issues in the future. This is my review, I hope that you enjoyed it.

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