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The Walmart NES Classic EditionSuper Mario Bros

Description: This article is related to walmart nes classic. The writer primarily shares a classical game called Super Mario Brothers. The writer tries to play through this game to bring you some beautiful memories of your childhood.

Today we are playing Super Mario Brothers. I’d like to show this on my channel, because I like to play games. I hope that you like to watch them too. If you enjoy this, if you love Mario Brothers, I encourage you to share the content, give it a thumb-up. The big question of the day is what your favorite part of Super Mario Brothers 1 is.

We’re going to do an entire gameplay. I’ll look an entire gameplay at the comments which should take about 10 minutes. I beat this game within about 67 minutes before, but the speed runners beat withing 5 minutes. We get down this pipe to all. That’s leaf skill. I’d like to start playing games on my channel with Mario Brothers, because it’s Mario Brothers. I mean, you can’t beat it.

That is cool. I’m going to warp this, because warping is fun. That’s how you play this game. It’s very simple. You warp on level 1. You warp with it for two. Then you beat the game on eight. We’re going to try to do tonight. So this is going to be fun. I haven’t done on my channel, this is ironic, because I can run a game channel for a living.

If you enjoy this, please help grow the show, spread the word and give the video a thumb-up. If you want to see more gameplays, please let me know. I’m testing out now. I don’t know some reasons. I’ll start doing it. Why not think about starting doing it? It’s up to you. That’s the bottom line. You are the program director on the program.

Now I play games for a living, which is awesome. If it is not the awesome giant world, it should be in super marvelous 3. I’ve talked about this before and podcast. You are in a Super Mario version. I forgot that it did not kill him. It has some subtle differences on this level. I remembered this game as a child, there is a pizza hut. On level four, there are several coin arcs that you can jump over, this ends like the home version.

The VS version was created later, it had some holes. So I remember jumping into the holes. They also changed around some warp zones which make it a little harder. That’s a little harder to beat the game, because you can only warp to level six, I believe that it is.

It is level six. Then you can play through the game. There are a lot of difficult levels and difficult parts in the VS version. Maybe we’ll get around. I am playing on the NES. When I’m recording this game, I do my best not to wake up children. If a child shouts out to you, that will be awesome.

Do you remember the first time to get to a warp in Mario? How cool was that? You could go to a different level by going to this. There are many rooms. We’re making good time. I remember having to run over this for the first time. There’s a secret around this place. I’m not going to try to hide them. I can get on this. I need to get a 1-up here, it only gives some points. I remember having to get lots of coins to get up. So I could beat this as a child.

I played through this game a zillion times, because I know all the secret setup and play it for 30 years. This is so fun to play through and experience again. It is in high-definition, this is awesome. That’s a good jump. There’s a big jump coming up. Here is the toughest jump in the game for me. If you die there, you will have to go back and spawn again before their spawn.

I come back to life. I have to build my momentum. I remember having to run off the pipe and build lemon momentum. I hit it, I’m doing well. I hit it a couple of times. I remember that this dog could get out of here. I get out here. I’m in the Mario zone tonight. I could play through many times. We’ll see how this ends.

Now I am doing well. I try to go on it with the chosen one and make my way through there. I will go across a hundred thousand points, that’s a menial goal. This is the one which is missing from the NES mini. It keeps it true, they never promise any of those things.

I’m sure that you get a 1-up loop, but you don’t need it, because I’m at 83. I’m killing it. It’s insane and satisfying to watch even though I never want to do that. This is going to be tough hammer builders. If you got here with no mushrooms, it would feel like a death sentence. I can beat it if the hammer brothers are unpredictable.

But now I get to grow some balls. Put some hair on those balls, get there and attack them. I am going to jump over, because they’re stupid. I go through and get this flower. I feel so satisfied. I don’t need the extra coins, because it’s not enough to get me an extra man. This is still intense.

That’s one of those memories which last a long time. I have to figure out the patterns in some of the levels for bosses like level four. There are different patterns and ways to get to the boss unlike Super Mario. There is no add until you do it wrong. It’s very simple.

It’s everything that happens after fire. I go down the pipe after fire lava. Then I throw him to get out of here. Look at these levels compared to some people making in Mario, I am doing well. I roll and get it. I grow some balls. I’ll steal it. So it’s screwed. That’s another memory. I have this game in the bed. It’s like having power-up. I’ve talked about top tens before.

After I get it, I am super-powered up. Then I get the power-up. It screws your entire ship. It’s super power. I have fire. I am about to go. I go and kick his ass. I got hit. I’m a dummy. I remember trying to get out of this at the beginning. There’s an area at the top where you can get out of it. I try to swim out of there. Let’s get bravery.

I screwed the bed here. I’m not the one that continues and holds down a button after I die. So I’m going to do it tonight or I’m not going to do it tonight. That is going to be the first play-through on my channel. We’ll see it. I’ll make it such a good time. There’s no big jump in this. I got each jump. Don’t choke it.

I don’t need to get on the thing. I’m sure that I can make that jump. But now my palms are sweating. That’s fun, it is 30 years old, it can still make you feel that way. We’re going to make it. We’re going to do this. If you want to see me play other Mario games, please let me know.

That’s how I’m going to start games on the classic. It’s easy for me to switch in between games. They’re the most popular games on the NES. I can pop in, plan easily and record them with my recording setup which is brand new. Hold on, I can’t talk, this is important. I should have had it.

Now I get to do this as we attempt to do this together, because you’re in this with me. We will try to experience this and beat the evil wizard. It’s a reference to an old Screw Attack content. He got hit. I am not mocking, I am scared. I am like a little boy. I am killing it, then I got hit. They always come back towards you. They’re little animals, tortoises and flying fishes. I hate the flying fishes in this game. I’m sweating. I hope that I don’t fail it.

I guess, we’ll find out together, go for it. He’s getting mad, he’s bouncing at a steady pace. We’ll come back to this next time. If you enjoy that, please give this content a thumb-up. I will look at the comments to figure out what your favorite memory of the original Super Mario Brothers is. See you.

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