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$10 Walmart Smart Watch Nice or No Dice ITECH 3160 Review

Description: The article below mainly focuses on Walmart smart watch. The author is intended to do an unboxing and review the itec Smart Watch for iOS, Android and 20-story. It is related to the review about the Walmart smart watch discussing whether it is good to buy one or not.

What is the man’s benefit here? I come back again for another material, today we’re going to do an unboxing and review of the itec SmartWatch for iOS and Android and 20-story. I got this at Walmart and they’re on clearance for 10 bucks which is cool.

It’s funny, because I was going to get some other things over there and I stumbled upon these, it’s not available anymore in the Walmart website, so this is only an in-store deal, so there were originally $49.99 plus tax and now it’s $10 each, so what are you going to get with the $10 SmartWatch?

It is going to be nice or know that let’s go ahead, you can check it out with quick glance on the features, there are a lot of features for this thing, it’s got a dialer, so it comes with a built-in speaker and a mic, so you can take and receive calls from the same messaging call log phone book blue tooth connection for the connection from your smart phone to the watch settings camera remote.

So you can control your camera and a notifier for notifications and has a sleep monitor music for controlling your music and alarm clocks pedometer calculator anti lost and the sedentary reminders.

There are a lot of features for ten dollars, so let’s go on ahead, see what it looks like, so here there’s only a USB cable which is a micro USB for charging your Smart Watch and this one came with an orange silicone band, got your manual here.

Here’s the watch guide, they’ll quality, it’s not so bad, I mean for $10, this is made out of silicone where it will fix, get over my wrist, it’s comfy although it seems big, if you have small wrists or you’re a girl, I mean if you’re not into big watches, then this may not be for you.

Let me fill this up quickly, so as you can see here, bezel is the huge 10 for the screen size, that is misleading, when I filled that ticker off, there’s only an inch and a half of screen real estate if you measure diagonally.

So let me take it off quickly again and at the back here, I type logo, you’ll be synced sticker off, look at it, it’s about 500 milliamps of battery life and it is what it says here, there’s nothing else that says on here.

I don’t think ip67 rated, so I’m not going to go there in that dump this into water, I mean for 10 bucks, I mean what are you going to lose? So let me turn this sucker quickly, here you can see that’s the power button and your home button and on the left hand side, you have your speaker grill here.

You got your USB port for charging and you got your built-in microphone and this is also a reset button, so let’s power it up quickly, so look at the screen here, it’s not an old one I display, it is an IPS display, it’s a basic LCD touchscreen although it’s a fitted touchscreen, so it’s not one of those old-school resistive touchscreen.

So you press and hold it to change the watch faces, so you can swipe looking right there only to hold it, so there will be about one two three four types of watch faces, so I don’t even think, I don’t even know if you’ll be able to download, put some smart watches, because this isn’t running Android.

I don’t know something made in China, I’m not even sure, if it’s running on Java or Tizen or anything like that, I’m not sure, it doesn’t specifically stay on their website, what software watches running, so it’s iffy, although it works with iOS and Android, so that is to be determined.

This is your main screen here, so if you swipe to the right, it’s left and right the screens, it’s not having a hard time, so you got your beauty foam both dialer messaging call logs notifier music in the camera setting anti-love alarm stopwatch 3 pedometer.

There are a lot of features for the Smart Watch to compete and one of the best things that I like about this one is that you can do that, like any other premium Smart Watch, it has that hand gesture.

So when you lift it up like this, it lights up, so you can feel applying, you look it down, turn off, lift it up again and it shuts on again, so do you think this is good to buy for $10 which was 49.99 before?

You can get it for the low price of $10, you might want to hurry up before they run out of stock, go to your nearest Walmart, I believe this is happening nationwide, so let me know in the comment section down below if you manage to find one of these for $10 and good for you.

Then if you ask me in my own opinion for $10, I think this is good to buy if you ever happen to break it, it won’t hurt you as much financially wise sure that the Apple watch is moto 360 galaxy gear or Samson gear as excuse and those are premium Smart Watch devices.

If you’re looking for something rugged that you don’t mind breaking, I mean this one here, it’s good, so if it is for the price, go right on ahead and get one of these quality wise, I would live somewhere else, that’s my preference, so hope you enjoy this and I’ll catch you next time.

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