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$20 Walmart Smart Watch Hot Or Not

Description: The following article is mainly designed to concentrate on the popular topic among young people which is related to Walmart smart watch. The author is willing to introduce some details about hype $20 Smart Watch to us so that we can confirm whether we would like to buy one or not.

This is something quick, here of a product that I thought was decent, it’s called hype $20 Smart Watch, you can get this watch at Walmart, that’s where I got these from, you can get them at Walmart obviously for 20 bucks.

The brain is called hype hy PE price of 20 bucks colors that they come in, this is black, they come in this red and then come on the blue, I have the blue one too, but I can’t find it now, one of my kids is on with that.

I think they are the only three colors that are coming that, I’m hundred percent sure on batteries did attorneys or 180 milliamp lithium-ion non-removable battery and it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.

If you want to use most of the features on here to be compatible with your Android device, you’ll have to download an app called BT notifier or BT notification, you have to download that app in order to make this work now on iOS users.

It is compatible, but Noah’s coming to is not compatible, because you can’t get notifications even if you like, you connected to your iOS device, you cannot get notifications, you can’t get emails, you can’t get phone calls, none of that stuff.

So basically, it’s not compatible to me with iOS devices, but they say that it is compatible, but like I said, compared to Android, it doesn’t have half of the features that you can use where you have a connected Android moving on features.

They have an alarm clock, you can make phone calls with and Rory it’s called history contacts calendar pedometer, you can play music, they’re unisex and they have touch screens, so let me give you a little quick view of it.

You see here, this is the menu button, the two little ones, I have some menu button, this is the home button here and this is the back button here on the right side, you got the power button on the left side, you got where you can charge it.

This is your microphone and I want to say this is a slot for a card or something, I might be wrong, I know what it is now, but it has a rubbery bein, a rubber band, not the best filling material, but it’s $20, so you’re not going to get some high-tech rubber, but on the back, you see it as a height Smart Watch model as the model.

As the battery goes to three point seven volt 100 milli amp 180 million battery tells your stars not putting on stop looking on it, so let’s give in to laws, this one isn’t charged up, like I say, you use that as your power button, you see you got a menu here, touch screen, so you can hit that there, let me go back and then push that button and bring up your data.

So that’s what that button does, so let’s go back and you hit that buddy going to the menu and going to the Bluetooth, you go to your phone book, the dialer calls bluetooth notice Bluetooth music Bluetooth camera send us to the naree.

That is drink water that tells you that you should drink eight cups of water a day, so you can count your cups of water calculator sleep settings an entire loss Power Save and ringtone alarm Calendar pedometer stopwatch.

So we go through it, a couple of little features on here, this is not going to be the Smart Watch, it’s going to be for somebody who’s heavy in the technology, this is going to be for somebody who’s not tech savvy for a child that you don’t know how good they’re going to take care, how good they’re going to take care of some.

So you might want to know you bust twenty dollars out, I’ll get you this if you take care of this, then I’ll spend a couple of more dollars and get you nice and smart watch, you know me, so this is like starter kit and that means for your Smart Watch for your child.

But you go to the Bluetooth with this, you can turn bluetooth on, you can turn bluetooth off and then you click this one, you can change the visibility the on and off and you go to my device, you can search for a new device to look for that.

You can change the name of your Bluetooth device Laura shows you to name your Bluetooth device there, so go to the phone book that self-explanatory, it’s not connected, so it’s not going to show you a phone book and with the dialer light, you can sit there and put in numbers and call if it was connected now.

I’m shooting, I’m using the video on my android phone, I’m not going to be able to connect it to show you, but like I said, it’s not hard, it’s fairly easy going through your messages, the views connected and you show your hand box stuff like that sent messages and all that scroll over to your calls, it shows all your missed calls down receive your all calls Bluetooth notice.

It tells you here, please install Bluetooth notifier app and remote device, so with your Android devices, it is going to get the notification in the Play Store and then you download that app on Bluetooth music saying here.

If it’s connecting to your phone, you can use your Bluetooth and play music Bluetooth camera, the same as you with the Bluetooth notifier, it will remotely connect to a camera and you can use this as a remote, it’s not going to go left camera, not going to go left or right or anything like that.

But it will let you take pictures from your camera, here is a sedentary monitor which I don’t know what that does maybe is that it tells you how long you are sitting or something like that, drink water says that you should drink 8 cups of water a day, you can cut a conscious sleep.

So if you will watch while you’re sleeping, it tries to calculate how long you’ve been sleeping and give you accurate reading, but it’s not too accurate and the same with the pedometer like with the pedometer.

I don’t think you could accurately read compared with that, when I compare it to my s3, I don’t get that accurate of a reading and then it resets, so your watch goes into sleep mode or something like that, then it resets, so like all your steps reset which I don’t understand why.

But you got anti-law slowly, so you can look for your phones and stuff like that, you can change the ringtone, general ringtone, silent ringtone, also got a meeting if casing a meeting outdoor stuff like that.

You can go into power-save mode, if you go into the settings, you can check quick responses, change the time and date change the display, you can put a wallpaper on there, if you had something on your phone, you can put it on there entertain understand, you can change how long before you owe SmartWatch goes in the standby mode, you got the language, you can change the language which is a common setting.

You can change different stuff unlocking motion sensor, like I said, a lot of this stuff, you can reset the effective settings to a lot of this stuff, it’s gimmicky, it’s here, but it doesn’t work accurately, so it’s not going to give you 100% accurate readings on everything you know.

Stop watching work, stuff like that, but like the pedometer and other things like that, it’s not going to give you a hundred percent accurate reading, so that’s why I would say I can recommend this for a small child or a child that you don’t know how they’re going to be able to handle something like this.

Grab before them, see how they do if it works out a few months or something, then grab them something more expensive than more you know, I mean more up to par for calling texting and stuff like that.

But this is definitely a good start off, watch me for anybody, any child or anybody who’s not comfortable with technology, it is fairly easy to set up things like that, so like I said, it is not too much more to say about this.

I’ll put the link in the description if you want to get one, because I think you can order it online from Walmart, if not, check your local Walmart, but as vo aka bonds urban tech reviews, you like this video, click that thumbs up now, subscribe to the channel.

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