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Walmart NES Classic Edition Replica Bootleg Fake Nintendo Console Review

Description: The article is about Walmart snes classic. The author mentions that his friend gave him an NES classic dude which reminded him of his childhood. It is Nintendo NES classic edition. In the content below, we may see some details about the machine and the procedures on how to play with it.

Welcome back to another 97-80 material, today we got the NES classic edition, I got this from a friend of Mine, he gave it to me, he has about 20 of these things and he decided to give me one and I’m very excited.

Dan is a true friend, he gave me an NES classic dude, these games are all classes, they remind me of my childhood, in fact, the NES is probably the most symbolic gaming system for me, because it was the only thing my dad had ever brought me.

My mother split away from my dad when I was 2, my dad came back when I was eight for a day brought me to endow with the power pad and a remote control car and then I haven’t seen him ever again.

So I don’t know the Nintendo was a great thing, I might even mentioned in one of my other videos, but this is a cool thing, the only problem is that it is not original, this is a bootleg, it is a replica NES classic edition from the box.

You wouldn’t be able to tell, it looks like a legit one, even the internal instructions and everything like that, but upon opening it and connecting it, you realize that there are a few missing games and it’s a bummer.

However, the control feels like an actual Nintendo controller, the system does say Nintendo and it looks like a regular classic edition and you do get a majority of the popular game, so I am pleased with that.

I wanted to Mario trilogy and punch out and educating in Mega Man. Unfortunately. there’s no punch-out or Mega Man which is terrible. these are great games, so there’s none of those, Final Fantasy is also not included.

So we don’t have Final Fantasy, we don’t have kid icarus, we don’t have punch-out, we don’t have ninja gating, but they compensated for a few, for these games that were missing, they put a few extra games in there.

But it isn’t the NES classic edition, it is a replica, but let’s see what it looks like in gameplay mode, I will say this though, the gameplay is the same, I don’t know, I’ve never had a classic edition in my hand.

But judging from the old Nintendo, the button response is that, it’s the same, the soundtrack is a little different, I think a lot of it is like Japanese, Japanese versions of the games, because the letters captions all Japanese stuff, so fun opening it.

It is very small, I was surprised on how small it is, you get the HDMI, the DCN which is a USB, you get the two control points, power lines are set, but inside it’s all the same, I don’t know if you like this, the problem with these things.

I’m not mad that it’s a knockoff, I’m happy at the front line due to that, but the problem with owning these things or these things even existing are that, you never know if they’re knockoffs or not.

So you want an original right, you’ll be looking for an original and you’ll spend your money, you’ll spend overpriced resale, the market value right, they’ll set up 200 bucks, you’ll spend 200 bucks on an NES classic edition assuming it’s the real thing.

If you’re lucky, if you’re a game or if you know anything about games or even realizing some of these games aren’t on the system, this is a knockoff and it’s a little frustrating, because it’s sad, it looks official, it looks like the real thing, it’s somewhat performs like the real thing.

It doesn’t have what the real thing has and they are a few flaws and that is a bummer for the price that I think a lot of resellers are selling it for a replica, you can find a replica probably for 30 bucks.

Some resellers are trying to sell it for 150 $200 plus and that’s fine too if you are trying to buy it and to have the system and to ship it off to someone as a gift, so they can play a few classic NES games, that’s cool too.

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it, I don’t think you should be able to do that. I don’t think you should spend your hard-earned money on a replica box that doesn’t include everything that you want inside of it with that being said is a good system.

I am happy to own it. I would recommend it. I would recommend it for under 50 bucks, 50 bucks definitely, 50 bucks, maybe I’d even pay 75 even though under the classical 60 that release, but you’re never going to find a classic again.

So expect to pay $100 Plus maybe 150 maybe I’ve seen these go for 250, so to find the replicas for 75 with all the games and everything included is an amazing deal to find a replica at $100 with everything included is an amazing deal.

But the fact is that this doesn’t have everything. I’d have to say it’s a pass, I pass on this, so you see the Nintendo plastic is the same, you could power it off, so this is how it turns on, it immediately goes to the screen, there is no audio, you can’t save it.

I realize that we get two menus using games, we get Tecmo Bowl, we’re going to fight zelda snow girls Battle City Chippendale pac-man Megaman Kirby, Mickey Mouse, Chippendale, you can also type.

I looked at it online, you can put the passwords in from the games, so start back up at the menu again, you need to pick games, pick Mario for sake, because everyone knows Mario song, I can get that, but now one hand, you’re going to play one-handed.

You are too bad, if you like this video, you want to see more stuff like this, because I’m getting that SNES classic soon, I hope the official one, feel free to like, comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe.

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