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Faisal Walmart Synchrony Financial Bank Inaugurated New Office at Knowledge City Hyderabad Hybiz

Description: The following article is mainly designed to talk about the Walmart synchrony bank. In this article, the vice President and Business Leader of Synchrony Financial India introduces his new office to you .

We started our operations in Hyderabad in the year 1999 and I joined the company in the year 2000. We started operating out of cyber towers and evers from that time to now. We made a lot of progress as a regular call center the people by answering questions for customers.

It has now metamorphosize into doing all sorts of complicated work as well. Today sitting at this business fee, we not only manage a call center but we also have people sitting here who manage fraud. That means if there is any fraud happening on the card, people sitting here will detect and investigate the fraud. They will try to protect the customers’ interest.

We also have a team that takes care of analytics which means they’re developing good marketing strategies and risk strategies so that our products can become more useful and profitable. We also have a strong IT team. What happened in the business nowadays is that IT has become an extremely important aspect of any financial services or any business so we have created what we call an innovation station.

What we will be doing in the innovation station is developing technically advanced products or services that were useful for our global customers.You see there is a whole metamorphosis of the entire business in India from a time when we used to do transactions. We have now reached a time in which we do analytics.

What better than reaching our time is that you can also do innovation. That’s been a great change over the last 18 months that you have been a part of the landscape in Hyderabad. All of those are very important to us. What is also important to us is making sure we are creating a very inclusive culture.

We have 43 percent women in the organization. That’s a gold standard in the industry. We have 93 people with disability working with us so we are also very focused on the community on disability and on women employments. Those are the other aspects that are important to the organization so they lured a lot of special things in this new facility.

I briefly talk to you about the dance room and the music room. I mean two people can get together in jam over a song. They can do karaoke. The whole idea about this facility is not only to be a comfortable place for our employees to work. A lot of our employees want to stay back in office and have some entertainment and some fun.

A lot of our employers are living alone so they’d much rather stay in office since eat food in the cafeteria or they want to play a game of pool so we have created sports facilities. They can go and play some games. One of the special sports facility we’ve created is a digital room which means you can have a ps4 and play some games.

There is a floor console and a digital table so employees can also go and play digital games. We also realize that in today’s world, it’s very important to remain fit because health is important so we have created a gym. Employees can go and use the gym anytime that they want. That’s another very nice thing about this facility.

The other aspect that we have is training and development. We felt that anytime. We hire an individual it takes anywhere from six to eight weeks for us to train that person now if you have a good training facility then people can become better employees.

What we have done is besides having good trainers and good audio-visual equipment, we’ve also created a training room where you can record the session. Once that particular session is over, the employee is not attended office on that day or has wants a refresher, they can go to the training room, play the recording and learn on their own. I think it is another unique thing about this place.

Finally we also believe in developing leaders so we’ve also created a Learning Ally where people can go and learn. They can also learn while they’re exercising so there’s a lot of focus on learning, development, training and innovation to make this facility very comfortable. People can dance if they like to shake a leg or sing.

It’s a comprehensive package. If you come to work here, you will get a great working environment. You work for a fortune 500 company and at the same time you focus on innovating. You’re focusing on a good time. You don’t get peace in food in the cafeteria so it all works out well. We are constantly looking for opportunities so our big product is what we call a private label credit card.

We are the market leaders in that product in North America. As we have separated from Gee, we’re looking for a law of other options in the payment space primarily where we can grow. I don’t think I’m in a position to talk to you about any specific product that we’re in the process of launching or any market that we be targeting.

Today, companies such as ours are continuously trying to innovate create new products so that we become successful. We’ve already been here for eighteen years and we want to be here for much longer. This is the time and we declare our results. When we declare the results, we have to restrain from talking any financial numbers.

I will not be able to give you any specific numbers at this point in time. I think I should give everybody confidence that we’ve been here for 18 years. The pioneers are in this space so our plan is definitely to ensure that a global business grows. It’s a global business growth and it creates more opportunities for us here in India. Here is a big area to develop products and make sure our global business clothes.

Secondly, we also feel that the quality of service is important. If we offer great quality of service, it will create more opportunities so we continuously pay our attention on performing well, innovating for the customer and ensuring a global business close which creates opportunities for us. We don’t sell low production in Hyderabad.

I don’t think I’ll be able to tell you specifically about the market for our business incidentally. Label credit card product that we have in the u.s. is not available in India now. We feel very excited when people convert the cash to credit. That’s what makes our business go.

We are optimistic at this point. We don’t have any plans to invest in the Indian market for any local related products. Our whole focus will be to ensure the US market grows which will give us opportunities in India for the various functions. Our global business grows about 8 to 10 percent.

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