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Walmart Synchrony Bank Complaint with Complete List of Companies

Description: The article below is completely designed to talk about the walmart synchrony bank. The author shares a grievance about synchrony bank and its business and credit practices because the bank messed up her account and brought her some troubles.

I would like to share a grievance about synchrony bank and its business and credit practices. You may not be aware if you have a synchrony issue because they are the credit issuer of so many outlets and are not prominently displayed on some of them.

However, their practices tend to be similar across the board and the companies may not be represented in the manner you expect from the organization itself. Here is a list. Hold on to your boots. They are American Eagle, Outfitters, Atleta, Banana Republic, BP, Cathay Pacific, CheapOair, One Travel, Chevron and Texaco, Ebates and Gap.

The list also includes Marvel, Nissan, Old Navy, PayPal, eBay, Sam’s Club, Steinmart, Toys RUS, TJX, ABC Warehouse, ABT, Amazon, American Signature Furniture, America’s Tire, Aryans, Ashley Furniture Home Store, Arts Van, Bargain Outlet, Belk, Bernina, Big Sandy Superstore, Bjorn’s, Bon Gars, Blain’s Farm and Fleet and Care Credit.

Carpet One, Car Care 1, Pep Boys, One Travel, City Furniture, Discount Tire, Dream Bed, Drexel Heritage, DX Engineering, Electronics Express, Ethan Allen, Evine Line, E-xmark, Flooring America, Freedom To Ride, Golf Smith, Guitar Center, Havertys HH Greg, Hudson’s furniture, Husqvarna, Hyde Park Jewelers Precious and JC Penney are also in the list.

There are also Jewelry Exchange, Coffman Tire, Craft Music, Lazy Boy, Lens Crafters, Leben Furniture, Lowe’s, Lumber Liquidators, Maiko, Massey Fern Ferguson, Mattress Firm, McCoys, Meineke, Metro Mattress, Midas, Mohawk Flooring, Morris Home Furnishings, Musicians Friend, Napa Easy Pay, Nadas Nautilus, Newegg and Alejo.

I also see PC Richard and Sun, Regency Furniture Showroom, Rooms To Go, Sam Ash, Sam’s Club, Golf Galaxy Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field & Stream, Sewing And More, Shaw Floors, She Lee’s Furniture, Sleep Experts and Sleep Number.

The last ones are Sleep Train Mattress Centers, Sleepies, Specialized, Steinmart, Summit Racing Equipment E-card, Sutherlands, System Pavers, Sweetwater, Thomasville, Tire Pros, TJX Store Card, Walmart, Westridge Furniture and Appliances and Value City furnitures.

That’s a list. This means if you see a payment complaint on any of these other companies, it isn’t an individual company complaint. It’s a collective one. It makes this problem absolutely huge. They are all synchrony banks. I work for one of these retailers and found myself in the bind.

When we were expected to push the application of this credit card with a bank, I could not get to acknowledge my payments. It had trouble with employments sometimes at my place. I heard customers complaining that they would not use our card because they thought it was terrible.

I love this store where I worked and I knew it was not being represented financially. I used to promote the card. I refused to promote the card because synchrony was behind it. My employers thought less of me for refusing to pitch it. The employer was on the verge of bankruptcy.

I was wondering how much a bad choice of credit card carrier has to do with it. I had a dental bill split as it was between the consultation and the actual work. The consultation and smaller bill was given 18 months to pay and a larger bill was given only 6 months.

The dentist had no problem with the reasoning to fix and change the arrangement and said that it was a synchrony issue. Synchrony said that it was the dentist’s choice. Between the dentist and synchrony, I was never sure if this would get fixed. There was no menu in the push button to talk to a CSR for this.

It dropped off my statement and I could never reach anybody about it again. I’ve had a care credit card for medical dental and veterinary expenses for a while. It was fine until I had terms of cash with no interest within a period of time from three different companies on his card.

At the same time, I didn’t know the small print of synchronous agreement requires one to call every month to tell them how to distribute your quadrupled minimum payment to maximize the best of your no interest payment, otherwise, they will apply it to the newest one so you will be charged interest on the oldest one.

Did you know you have to call them every month? If you’re in this situation, I was in pain on three different accounts. You have to pay a fourth amount to make your minimum or you will get a late fee. That’s how it works. You need to pay all that money or you will get the late fee and the interest. You pay extra to avoid on top of all of it.

I hadn’t learned that yet though I bought tires at discount. I had to show my driver’s license with my address on it to reopen my card. I had previously paid my balance off. Why was it closed? I didn’t get my first statement and I called about it and they told me not to worry.

It missed the closing date. Two months later, my first statement had a 25-dollar late fee on it. I called again they had it sent to an address I hadn’t lived at in four years. Who told them that? Please remove the late fee. We can’t do that. Are you seriously?

I went online to my bank and set up an auto pay. I pay them not they come get my money in equal payments so I don’t have to think about it. That’s how I do it with synchrony. That’s how I pay all my bills. Imagine my surprise. When things never balance, never get paid off and the charges keep accruing and on top of all that they stop posting my payments.

I asked the bank to verify to them that I make these payments and that didn’t work. I called through the push button over and over to send the confirmation proof. I have easily spent 20 hours on holding and being hung up by the synchrony system.

I had to ask to speak to someone else because I couldn’t understand the CSRO speaking to transfer. I can not fax an electronic payment to banks so I need to speak to each other to conduct a wire transfer. Here’s the confirmation number. I’m told over and over that there’s no fax. It was extremely frustrating. They are not able to get an answer to a question. First, it is not on the phone menu.

Second, it goes automatically to someone who speaks a language that’s different from ours. We feel that we are a problem to be outsourced and are not going to be racist or abated if we complain. Third, it is not on their script so they can’t help us. There is no solution number.

Forth, I have seen the same complaints repeatedly bu no solutions are offered on the Internet. Fifth, Aren’t banks federally regulated and insured? How can they allow the bank to do this? My credit limit has been lowered as I was told by one of the myriad of CSRs.

I spoke with the represent of my synchrony accounts but I received negative reports from all over the place, from credit agencies and from places I didn’t authorize. I have no credit issues other than obvious synchronous synchrony related ones. My life is relatively simple and it doesn’t take much digging to see it.

I came across another YouTuber who recorded his call attempting to get a late fee removed. I was interested that he said he got a letter. The bank changed their systems in December so was not able to make a timely payment. I didn’t get any letter. In fact I have a screenshot that they were in my bank account instead I received a cure to default letter in December.

His link is below if you want to listen. His result was a different from mine. The final straw that makes me most alarmed was talking to a heavily accented East Indian representative. He told me he saw what the problem was. I was talking to him about my TYRE account and he started to talk to me about my recent dental account charges.

I was utterly mortified. The account numbers are closed and medical information including billing is supposed to be protected by HIPAA now. I asked him who gave him permission to look at that. I went to my bill pay and took a screenshot of my account from synchrony Bank which looks common.

They have the authority to change their systems and I think they changed my account numbers around and messed them up. Later another representative called back and told me they would transfer the funds in dispute and place them as I had requested.

It would mess up my account and create more past-due charges. Recently I received a refund check for $250. My statement has not made sense for a very long time. I don’t know where this figure came from. I show from my discount tire statement that they still owe me $34.

I don’t know how I can be both delinquent and have a refund at the same time it’s very hard to pay them when they don’t post. When you do how do you make these people go away are there any attorneys out there. There is more substance here than I’ve seen on any other synchrony. All my complaints are in one easy breezy place. Let’s talk.

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