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Clearance Walmart Tires Auto Parts Round 3

Description: The following article mainly wants to cover the content which has the key words about Walmart tires & auto parts. It is primarily related to the clearance Walmart tires, we can see that it is the third round to see the clearance.

This is going to be a quick one, so this here is my third load of tires, we got five to forty five seven five sixteen e’s paid forty dollars a piece, I believe the five room, I got paid forty four four and forty five for one more snow tires, more snow tires, so these from the last video, I had two of them.

I hit two more stores and picked up six more to make two sets. I’ve already sold one set, I paid thirty five apiece for these which is 140 bucks for four, I sold the first set for 375, I’m also selling the last set tonight here in a little bit for 375.

So there will be some good profit, this is the gem here, I’ve got about two hundred and five dollars in, I’ve got a load these up now and meet a fella buying the set of five five hundred and fifty bucks and bummed.

Because I pride myself on being an honest man, sticking to my word, I told the man last night I said I’ll hold them that you meet me tomorrow at five thirty day yo s550 well, I got a message from another fella who offered me 500 for the set.

I said I’ve got them sold for 550, he says well how about this, he says I’ll be there in an hour for 600 bucks for them and as much as I’d like to make an extra $50 off them, my word is very important, so the fellow is going to get them for 550, it’s going to be a quick video, I got something to show, but I got a low-down, deliver them and get my half a G, so it’ll be much later.

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