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Walmart Tire Plug on Toyo Proxes Auto Parts

Description: The following article is mainly designed to talk about walmart tires auto parts. In the article, the author shows you how to repair a tire with a tire plug kit. The steps are in detail and they are easy to understand so that you can have a try.

Today I’m going to patch tire. That’s what I’m going to do now. I have to jack up the car and find it. I found it yesterday. It’s there. Let me sit down. What I’m going to do is to drop the E and push it back. That is hard but it goes there now. I’m trying to get a job and put it on track stance.

It’s my first time doing this so I can’t find the plier to take out that screw so I need to use the scissors. I think these are easy for left users. I don’t know. I’m going to try to get it. The tire broke because of that. That is a hard part. Now we need to put in the patch. I have never done this before but I’m going to try to show you how to do it properly.

These are tools. What I learned is that you were supposed to use this tool here to clean up the hole and put that in. It seems that it is small. I’m going to use that. Now, you’re supposed to use one of these and you’re supposed to put it in here. It usually comes with a long one and a short one for the Walmart kit. I’m going to use the small one because I don’t want all that stuff.

It comes with this rubber cement. I’m going to use the small one, this rubber cement and this little tool. I need to put the little slipping in there. What I need to do is to put this and this inside there. I’m going to try to get that in. Excuse me? Don’t do that. I got half of that in and that should be good.

I don’t know. Hopefully it works. I have to take the wheel off. This is too hard for me to do it with the wheel on because I don’t have room. I need to make sure it’s wide enough for the plug. I’m going to show you how to put it in. I think I can do it.

Let’s hang it up. I think I did it. That’s good. What I’m going to do is to leave it for a few minutes then come back here. The sun is going down and I don’t want dark. We’re going to give it 15 more minutes. What time is it? It is 6:30 now so it will be ready at 6:45. I got the taut electric pump. That is good. I’m back and it is 6:40 now.

Let me try to see if it’s good. It should be good. I’m going to see the holes. I’m going to start it now. That’s good. There’s something wrong about that but it looks good. I’m excited because I went to the shop today and they charged me $22 for this but I want the kit at Walmart for five bucks. This is counting as 35 PSI. It should be good.

Somebody tells me to trim it but I know someone used to get it back. I have never trimmed it. I don’t want to mess with that so I’m going to put it back on. I think this was good. I’m going to leave this. I’m going to ride around the block a few times then I’m going to check the tire pressure after I come back. I think I did it. This is not a bad job.

I took too long. This is my first time passing a tire. I have never passed the tire before. I’m going to put it back on then I’m going to meet you. It looks good. The butane on the tires holds air so this one is successful. I did it and it worked. I watched videos on YouTube and this is common so I guess they make the kit’s users friendly.

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