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Walmart Vision Glasses Center Review

Description: The following article mainly talks about the topic which has got the focus recently, it is about Walmart vision & glasses. The author is going to give a review of the Walmart Vision Center, showing us something he tried there especially the prescription glasses.

I’m going to give my review of the Walmart Vision Center, so I went to my first appointment last week, I waited this long to get my eyes look at and I probably needed glasses for about three years now.

It took me till now to finally get my eyes looked at it, so I had my eyes look at and had good experience, I moved the doctor and it was funny, we were talking and it turns out that he is from Minnesota which is where I’m from.

He was maybe about 10 minutes for me in Minnesota crazy, so we had that discussion and he did my tests, he was very nice, he was cool, he explained to me what he was doing, why he was doing it, I did have my eyes dilated which was a brand new experience, I mean I’ve never had my eyes dilated before, but had that happen.

He told me I needed to wear glasses basically he told me my distance vision was awesome, I can’t already knew it, but he confirmed it for me that I don’t have the greatest vision when it comes to seeing things on the slopes.

He prescribed me a pair of prescription glasses, then we went into the portion of picking frames now frame picking was candy store moment in that I was looking at our wall frames and had no clue which ones would look best on me.

The first thing I had to figure out was what kind of facial bear they’re essentially four to five to four patients oval square round triangle and heart shaped faces essentially and I am clearly an oval shape which means I can get away with whatever shape.

These frames are square meaning that they are best suited, if you have a round face or feel like you have no little face and you can pull off this look regardless I could pull off round square whatever I wanted, so the process of picking up my frames has to say the lady that was out there on the sales floor, for the frames was not all that helpful.

If she had been a little bit more helpful in saying that you want to try something like this or asked me what am I looking at in terms of style? She left me alone which I appreciate it in some regards, because this was my first time, don’t treat me like what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.

I wasn’t there, I hit down a pair of frames, I picked up these nice frames, these are Steven Tyler frames as I covered in a different video, but I picked out my Steven Tyler frames in black, she died and proceeded to have me sit down, she then used a weird device and I’m not sure what she did there.

I looked into it and she told me to look straight and she did something, I’m not sure what that is. I printed out some little slip that she’s stuck with my stop, she then rung up everything I paid left told me, they call me when my glasses came in.

They call my glasses came in now, the one negative thing I do after second, when I went in to pick up my glasses Walmart, I was expecting to have my glasses adjusted and fit perfectly, this did not happen, I had to go to Sam’s Club which I realize you own Sam’s Club.

But I bought these at Walmart. Walmart should have adjusted these and made them fit, make sure they were comfortable, all the girl did is to sit there, hand me the glasses, have me try them on, they look good.

Here’s the case, you’re all set, check the frames person, they need to fit my face, if they don’t, obviously, first glance they’re going fit, but you do need to check to make sure they’re tight up, because the first thing I noticed about five minutes after I left Walmart is that they continuously slid down my face, I had to go to Sam’s Club to get my glasses adjusted.

Luckily, the girl in Sam’s clothes was very nice and she did it no charge, but point me Walmart, so I’m not only great, it’s minor and the grand scheme of things, but it’s still something I felt needed to be said.

Overall, would I recommend a little more about Vision Center? I would say it is worth trying, I have read some reviews that are almost negative to Walmart’s credit, I found very few positive reviews, I would say you get what you get, if you go to the Walmart, it might be good.

Some Walmart might be bad. Target offers optical as well. I am willing to try that maybe the next time I go in for my eye exam, I’ll try target out and try a different experience, but overall, I am happy, I can see, that is what matters, isn’t it?

They did a nice job with the glasses. I love them, they fit well, I’ve had them adjusted in Sam’s Club, but they do fit, they feel good. I’ve been wearing them now or was it three days now and have had no issues with my glasses.

They work brilliantly and I’ve been able to see everything crystal clear, so that’s my review of the Walmart Vision Center, I hope you have a great day and Walmart I will be sending this to you to talk about what I have to say.

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