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Description: This passage is mainly about watchdisneychannel activate. This passage is a review of Disney Now app which came our two months ago and shows us step by step.

I’m here and I’m going to review a app, it’s called Disney now and it came out two months ago and I’m going to go ahead and try it, let’s turn to my fire screen, I’m in my room, so let’s see how it looks, here we have the home shows and games and I have signed in with a tu first, and now I’m waiting for this to load.

So you can see that here’s the real started screen, so this is what the starting screen looks like, it has new episodes of shows that are on Disney Channel now, all of you know that I have already made my own user, so I have all these shows, I like some collections, they even have a latest episode section, but if you want to have, you can go to shows.

Disney now also has Disney XD and Disney Junior, but I only get Disney XD and Disney Channel, so there are 25 days of Christmas Disney Channel now, let’s look through these shows wide selection Disney Channel original, it’s nice and it also has games to play, this is the world that Disney Channel original movies are Disney check descendants – good luck charlie, it’s Christmas full court miracle, I have never seen that.

You can also go on live TV which means that you can watch what’s on now on your tablet or screen cast, press the play button, sometimes it exits out but it doesn’t matter, this is all my fire tablet, this is not Android, this is crazy and this is the updated version, so I’m not going to play an episode because that will be copyright, so this is a review.

Now let’s see more, now you can edit one and create one, so I’m going to go ahead and do that now, so this is what it will be when you first download the app, so you pick whatever emoji you want, it doesn’t matter, it’s yours, so now I might click this one, I think he is adding a name, now you can see that this one is for younger kids, you can click Disney Junior and go next, but I am going to get all of them.

Then you can click your favorites, I’m going to click some random ones for you to get an idea of shows that you like, I do not watch any of these shows, I’m clicking ready, and this is what you have done, this is what the screen looks like when you have done, so I am distracted, I think that’s what it is, you get the idea.

So that is the Disney now app, you can download at Google Play, the Apple Store and the Amazon store if you have the same table as mine, don’t forget to subscribe and like this article, and I might do another one, I might do another one soon whenever this article comes out, download this app, it’s a good one, I think it has a good quality, thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time.

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