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Description: This passage is mainly about watchdisneychannel com activate. This set of commercials aired during The Country Bears, a Kim Possible episode for time filler, and episodes of That’s So Raven on Disney Channel in 2005. There’s many cuts in some of these breaks as well.

Abby’s got a heart of gold and she’s smart, in Run To The Litter, this huge person thinks of himself as a wee little pig, let’s flip flop up and the fish is out of water, we’re not quite sure what fish is thinking, because how much it is filled with water, don’t tap the glass, they hate it when you do that.

Can you tell us a little bit about the style of this film? This movie is done by CG computer graphics, it’s the first movie that Randy and I have worked on, it’s almost a live-action movie in a tiny little box, because you set up a camera and sensor built, so it’s exciting for us because we get to do things, we can’t do as easily in traditional animation.

Chicken Louisville has 250,000 feathers on it and we count them before we do, each scene modern mallards has a voting closure which can lead to molting, and I’m already small and on top of that, I don’t think I can handle being ball where this takes place in the townfolk eoq, it sounds completely populated by animals, it is baseball field, it is high school, they are classes, turn to page 62.

In gym class they play dodge ball with the help of the filmmakers, the surfers are able to hit the court and play ball, I don’t want to hear any quacks tweets or cockadoodle when I say dodgeball, split into two teams, why don’t we do the surfers versus the chicken little caste? We review safety guidelines, what’s wrong? Run, you’re not scared, you are getting bored down, do it what fish is doing.

Karin is at 3 o’clock, I see him, now you’re going to get stopped, game over, surfers win, you can find out more of the inside scoop by checking out Josh’s interview with Chicken Little at movie servers com, do you believe that this one can fall? Do you know something that I don’t know? Chicken Little opens in theaters soon.

This is Barry, he’s got a bear of a problem, here down is country barrel, there’s one way to save it, but this man’s trying to crush their plans, you like to solve a crunching world, will Barry get the bad back? Will the terrible tyrant tear them apart? Can you bear to watch it? The Country Bears is coming up next here on Disney Channel.

The Country Bears will be back, if you want a great turkey day, you’ve got to have the right stuffy Disney chip, the country bears will be back. In Tomorrow, move over mini-me, make room for Liddy, you can at a mini mirror, she wants to be everything, it is not a lock of my hair major, now you’re starting to freak me out, hang out on the moon with sinon and Dasha, you are here seen on c3 the Disney Channel original movie tomorrow at 8:00 7:00 central on Disney Channel.

Disney Channels delivers that ticket with Tim marathon, let’s go mission mode 10 totally taken episode where every move cows, I am practicing my screams of courage, kick it with Jim and catch all-news never-before-seen episode, don’t miss them, kick it with Jim marathon with an all-new episode kicks off Friday at 3:00 to central on Disney Channel.

The country bears will be back, surfers it’s time to go behind the scenes of the latest Disney movies, what would you do if you discover to see her passage to a fantastical new world, a magical place where you might meet a half-man half-horse centaur and some talking beavers, they aren’t going to be smelly.

If that’s what you want, that’s the adventure that awaits four brave kids in Disney and Walden media’s new film The Chronicles of Narnia at the lion which in the wardrobe, and I get to go all the way to New Zealand to meet the four young actors on the set, the filmmaker choose New Zealand because it seems that there is no other place on earth, and this is where I have found the four kids stars.

I’m playing pizza which is the outlet present, I think you’ve made a mistake, I have to look after Susan, look after Lucy and look after his young brother, my characters Edmund doesn’t fit anywhere in Iceland, Susan is the older sister who starts out to be very sensible, he’s a fever, he shouldn’t be saying anything.

Lucy’s the youngest one, you shake it, I don’t know all the kids adventures smart including this frozen lake set, it can be seen in the Chronicles of Narnia, but the Witch and the Wardrobe is opening in theaters soon, this girl is natural, Naturally Sadie is next, then it’s a twins sister. Mr. Whiskers hangout the cyberspace for Amazon animal antics with brandy and Mr. Whiskers and alder jungle pal.

Test your game skills with Brandy’s butterfly catch and find out if your bling bling or a dingaling and send emails to your new amazing Amazon friends, you can download cool icons and wallpaper and don’t forget to check out what’s hot now, head into the jungle and help Mr. Whiskers collect mama croc pegs in brandy and Mr. whiskers jungle adventure.

So drop everything and surf on over to brandy and Mr. whiskers at 50 channel com, we’re watching Disney Channel, first she saves a Space Station from disaster, then she rescues aliens from ala Marius mission, now she’s back to save the world again, it’s the return of the Z in Xena and XIII tomorrow at 8:00 7:00 central here on Disney Channel.

She’s like you but with unusual talent, Sarita is next, then Ricky Ullman stars in Phil of the future which is a new Disney Channel original series, that’s ahead of its time, that’s the reason and you’re watching Disney Channel, don’t go away.

That’s So Raven will be back, we taste his brain, I’m thinking that she has no muscle, I’m on it together, these villains are downright scary evil on my plate today even the best plan, it’s six against two, how many can you take? None, get stopped by heroes, Mon jetzt racketboy and sheikah hue as they battle Kim Possible weekday mornings on Disney and weekly afternoons on Disney Channel.

It’s time to go behind the scenes of the latest Disney movie, day Venus new animated movie is Chicken Little, surfers you know the story that the chicken who keeps saying sky is falling and nobody believes him, in this computer animated version Chicken Little may not be as crazy at be seen, rather than have us explain it let’s that’s Chicken Little himself or at least the voice of Chicken Little.

It’s our first test here and I’m hanging out with Zack, I think everyone can relate to doing what you don’t belong sometimes, and thing that none believes, we don’t make eye contact but he’s driven and he’s trying to make something himself, do you get to do any of your voice recordings with the other actors from the film? I get to do my Marshall who plays buck pluck a lot of times.

When you’re doing character voices, you do it alone, but with guarantee they put us in these separate booths where we can look at each other telling you that listen to me for once, and it is great because we are able to make each other laugh which is fun, a lot of that stuff ends up getting in the movie.

What is your favorite line from the film? I think it is when he says oh snap and all is going wrong, the world’s being invaded, he drops his jaw and says oh man oh snap. Saturdays on Disney Channel is Jake Long’s a kid which is like you, I love the skate, I like to do new chicks, I think having good friends that they’re always there to talk to you is great and they back you up, we can’t check the best thing about my dog.

This is awesome but Jake’s also got one big secret dragon, he’s the american dragon and with the help of grandpa master and his trusty sidekick foo dog, he’s got to defend the creatures of the magical underground to take out the trash, he gets fired up for American dragon jake law Saturdays at three to central on Disney Channel.

We’re doomed that Spy Kids Carmen and purity must save the world again, but this time they’ll face magnet hips mad scientists, I’m not alone and then many monsters spy kids to island of lost dreams Friday at 8:00 7:00 central on Disney Channel, here we go back to that So Raven, don’t go, watch TV until the dishes are done.

I going to save the world, I didn’t visit last night, Thank You London, that’s very nice of you to volunteer, for more Disney Channel we’re bringing you all new episodes of your favorite shelves plus the new series life with Derek and torches, the newest Disney Channel original movie this fall, Disney Channel is all new and made for you.

Friday snack Ron may be a monkey master double-booked on, he’s a great hero, I’m a hero, but don’t you mean the ice and all-new be impossible Friday at 7:30 6:30 central on Disney Channel, you all know why I’m your man, my fans are blowing up, my son is 15, I mean that’s rough on a cold, I got more green than a holiday, I’m signing the wizard Kelly, I can’t help but bow.

They love the power 15 out of the Sun but the others like Sheree heart of the guard, they call my security guard SUVs, I still watch my fans, I’ll telling your man for my fans of blowing them, for my fans of window, on Friday November 25th you have only one chance to see Dr. Doolittle on Disney Channel starring Raven from That’s So Raven, Dr. Doolittle one time only premieres Friday November 25th at eight.

Members are all on Disney Channel, here we go back to that So Raven, first she saves a space station from disaster, then she rescues aliens from allen arias mission, now she’s back to save the world again, it’s the return of the Z in Zenon XIII tomorrow at 8:00 7:00 central here on Disney Channel.

The future landed fill of the future is next, she’s unstoppable, she’s KITT series, that’s the Raven are coming up next here on Disney Channel, I’m the great gonzo and you’re watching Disney Channel, let’s talk animals, there are pigs ducks and one little chicken with a very big imagination, and I’m hanging out with the brandy the producer and Mark the director of Disney’s latest film Chicken Little.

Thanks for hanging out with it, can you tell us a little bit about the story of Chicken Little? Chicken Little is about taking a little, he’s a small kid but he’s spunky, he’s got a lot of spirit and a lot of perseverance and he won’t quit, so he’s intent on proving to his father that somebody he can be proud of, it won’t embarrass your father.

So would you tell us a little bit about the characters? He has three friends, he has a ugly duckling, I’ve always found you extremely attractive, Abby’s got a heart of gold and she’s smart runt of the litter, but he thinks of himself as a wee little pig, we get loose quit flopping and fish out of water, we’re not quite sure what fish is thinking about.

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