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A Review of Disney Channel and The Roku Interface at Watchdisneyjunior Activate. Com

DISNEY Channel on your Smart TV and Digitial Media Streamer like Roku, Apple TV, etc

We’re continuing our series on Smart TV digital media players. We’re looking at the various channels that are available on Smart TV players, this one we’re looking at today is the Disney Channel and the interface we’re using is the Roku interface.

We have many other videos on the other channels and other boxes and the Roku box specifically, but today we’re just talking about the actual Disney Channel. So when you click on this particular channel, what you will see here is that it’s going to load for you and give you a variety of options.

Now this is a free channel on the Roku lineup, and so you can see a lot of things that are going to load up in here. We can see what’s new, we can browse through I’m not sure who that is, but I’m sure if you’re younger than me, you probably know who it is. You can watch her music videos and more it’s October right now.

So we can see various craps and things we want to do, we can get new episodes of Figaro, watch some of the Halloween favorites. I mean there’s just tons and tons of stuff that are actually on this particular box, and some of the stuff are adds. You can see these little trailers here, those are actually ads.

But then there’s a number of things that you can see and little games and things that you can play, and it’s going to give you the opportunity to be able to interact more for your friends and family and your little ones. So they can get an idea of more about Disney, so let’s go into the Muppet here.

If we go into the Muppet channel, we can see there’s some information from the Swedish chef who you can never understand there’s Miss Piggy and there’s Kermit the Frog. So let’s say we want to watch Muppet season 2. This is a 44 minute episode and it’s going to load up for us.

There’s 7 of 25 episodes that are available and we could simply start watching it and it would load up for us, Now I cannot show live TV on here, because that’s violating copyright laws, but the purpose of this is to show you all the things that are available in relation to the Disney Channel.

If you have an iPad, you are familiar with this. This is Tom, after Tom character and it’s a little app you can get on your iPhone, iPad or droid. And we can see more episodes about this. So this is what’s available on the Disney Channel, and there’s just a ton of stuff that’s on here and it’s free for you to add.

So I realize a lot of this stuff are just little clips. Some of them are advertisements, but it’s going to keep your kids busy. Why not add it on there? A lot of good stuff hope with this piece is helpful.

The purpose of this videos is to show you that this is the Disney Channel on the digital smart on the Smart TV options. So thank you and have a great day.

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