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A Review of Disney Junior App at Watchdisneyjunior Activate. Com

It’s Molly from digital Montblanc comm, and today we were reviewing the Disney jr. app by Disney, it is a free app available for the iPad and the iPhone. Unfortunately, I am NOT a Comcast subscriber, we have DISH Network currently. But if you have a Comcast, this is really the app for you.

As you’re going to be able to access all kinds of the Disney shows directly from your iPad, but even without Comcast is a really good app. It rotates through episodes, you can give us a guide review of the app.

Currently, there are several different Disney shows you can see a t Disney Jr. shows that are available for viewing: handy Mandy doc, McStuffins, jungle junction, Octonauts, especially Genoa. Also Jake and the never land, pirates, Mickey Mouse, Clubhouse, imagination movers a little Einstein.

It gives you a feeling for what the shows are available. My kids are huge fans of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so you can see there’s two full episodes available and they can sit there and watch the add, the different episodes, easy navigation. You can see all the different options.

Now if you did have a Comcast subscription, you’d be able to go into your Comcast account and view Disney Jr. Live, which is pretty cool. The other cool thing is that you have a history here, and you can see what your kids have been viewing as well.

So it’s a very simple app, but I can definitely see whether you have Wi-Fi connection or an internet connection with your iPad. This would be a great app for kids, I know my kids enjoy the Disney shows, the Disney Jr. Shows. So this will keep them entertained when we are on the go. So you can view the review at digital mom blog. Thanks.

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