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Some New Apple TV Channels at Watchdisneyjunior Activate. Com

New Apple TV channels: Vevo, Disney, Smithsonian, and The Weather Channel

This is Jeff with I download blog. Just as it’s been reported over the past few weeks, there are new Apple television channels available on the Apple TV. These are specific apps such as the Disney Channel, Disney XD, The Weather Channel, VEVO, Smithsonian Channel.

So there’s quite a bit of new content available now. Unfortunately for things for the Disney Channel’s, you have to make sure you already subscribe to those cable channels. You have to verify that you are a Disney Channel subscriber or a Disney Channel ,you get the Disney Channel. In other words, on your cable subscription.

So you can’t just go in and watch those with the other three apps though the Weather Channel, the Smithsonian Channel and VEVO. You can go in, you don’t have to verify anything, For instance, VEVO, you can go in and start watching videos right off top.

It works pretty much, the YouTube channel has a list of popular channels, the most view today premieres. They’re certified over a hundred million views. So you can go through and find your favorite artists, you can do a search if you want to do that and play your favorite videos.

And what’s cool about this is that it’s on the big screen, that’s the big difference with VEVO on the Apple TV. Now the Smithsonian Channel came out of nowhere, it seems like for some reason. The icon is just black, I guess they haven’t finished the update completely yet.

When you go to the Smithsonian Channel, you’ll see some nice. I guess documentaries, I have never watched this channel. I don’t even know if it’s a real cable channel, I assume it is excuse my ignorance. But I have not watched this on cable television, but here it looks like you get the full episodes, full documentaries on the various topics looks pretty educational.

As you can see, there is an hour and 53 minutes on the Sistine Chapel. So you can see there’s a lot of content here for you to enjoy. Next up is the Weather Channel, which is handy, and the cool thing about the Weather Channel it looks like just a full-fledged app.

If you’ve ever used the jail broken weather app on the Apple TV, then this is going to be familiar to you. It has an hourly forecast, there’s a 10-day forecast. You get the current conditions.

So let’s check out the hourly forecast, this looks like the jail broken weather app on the Apple TV. But you get the point, it’s an app, in other words, just an actual application and it’s not just links to videos and stuff like that, or streaming content.

But you have some data that you can pull in that’s relevant to your location, you also have this video that you can stream. It gives you the forecast for the day. It’s going to apply to your specific location wherever you are in the country. The fact is that you can get your weather updates and everything right there on your Apple TV.

More and more contents become available for the Apple TV, the more this device looks like an absolute still at $99. I mean there’s a ton of contents on here now and it’s only going to improve. So I’m interested to hear what you have to say about the new channels available on the Apple TV, let me know what you think in the comments section below, this is Jeff with I download blog.

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