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Watch Disney Junior Activate Sticker Album Review Pack Opening Panini Doc McStuffins Sofia Mickey

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Welcome to a sticker album opening and pack opening here on tour review TV. This is the Disney Junior sticker album from panini. This looks awesome and it feels like a very focused sticker album. This is the starter pack comes with the album under 31 stickers. You can see the stickers there in the packs.

This starter pack will cost three pounds and 99 pence. We have all your Disney Junior, Favorites Jake And The Neverland Pirates. Don’t loose toppings. It says Handy Manny. We also get a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sophia. This opening will cost 50 pence. Let’s get straight into it to see what is waiting for us.

I’m sure it’s awesome. Let’s see how many packs we got. They have five packs in there so we’d have a nine packs to open. let’s have a look at the stick album phoniness. They are usually very good. We get the complimentary stickers in polluted so there we have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse page. The pages will be particular for every one.

We have a Jake And The Neverland Pirates so you’d have around eight pages in. Each character wall gets around eight pages. Each documents has four things. We have a poster in the middle. Let’s take that out and see what it looks like. This is big. You can put this up on the wall and measure yourself. You can see that there.

We also have Vices. This is the one side and these are the Hand Henry hugglemonster characters. I will show you how to use the characters and also you can keep the characters in that series. On the back, we have this swirly design. We have a few spaces. All stickers are to be boys. Let’s carry on. Let’s see what we have.

McStuffins may be the book of boo-boos. We have Handy Manny as well. We also have this coloring in section on this one. We also have a lot of things to do apart from Sofia. First, we come to the end and we can see we have a forty pages of a sticker sticking the fun for you to have a hunt. We also have four extra complementary stickers.

If you want to buy this on its own and not in the starter pack, it will cost one pound fifty here in the UK. I’ll say these package cost fifty pence each. Let’s get straight into it to see what we get. I usually get fibers but we will confirm that. We get three multi-picture stickers but they are die-cut stickers. These are the smaller stickers.

You get glows for those sheep. We get five stickers in each. Here is another multi-picture sticker. Let’s cut stickers on that. We also have a foil stick of Jake And The Neverland Pirates so we will show you stickers. Another one is from Jake as well. We have two shiny stickers in this pack, which is very unusual.

They have Sophia which is a multi-picture sticker. We have got something cool including a Disney Junior with a good quality . That is very cool. We have another two. We already have this one but this one still looks cool. It may be four or six stickers to make up a picture so that would be awesome.

I’ll put all the stickers together so it will look extremely shiny as a mirror. There is one of the Disneyland and Minnie Mouse. That is a cool one. Some special stickers have few scratches. I’m not sure what it looks like. It should do something different. I’m not sure what that does. Another shiny sticker falls down.

It is always nice to have one. Here is another multi-picture sticker which we already have had. We get the die-cut sticker there. We also get a Sofia multi-sticker picture. Some of the shiny ones are coming out a regular. We are getting a few doubles or the darkest stickers. Their multi-pictures are cool. This is the last part and last opportunity to get anything good. That is no shiny. We get another one of those with the four stickers. I’m not sure what this one does. It looks peculiar like a Minnie Mouse pointing at something.

It will reveal something. I’m not sure. Let’s get some heat on that. I’m sorry. If you know what this sticker does, please let me know in the comments section below. I have some cool stickers. Thank you all very much for joining in. Feel free to write comments and subscribe. That would be awesome and I hope to see you all here next time.

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