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Watch Disney Junior Activate The Lion Guard Sticker Album Collection Pack Opening Review by Panini

Description: The article below is mainly designed to talk about the watchdisneyjunior activate. In the article, the author presents Disney Junior, The Lion Guard Sticker Album Collection Pack Opening. The author shows many different stickers.

Welcome to Toy Review TV. I have a sticker book and pack opening at this time for you. It is the new the lion guard from Disney Junior. This is a Panini sticker album and hopefully we can get some awesome stickers. I have 15 packs. They’re ready to be opened here now. It is the sticker album.

It contains 32 pages inside here. All of those look awesome and would be nice and shiny. It is nice if we get some shiny stickers. It’s a Panini sticker album. There will be plenty of shiny stickers. We got some cool pages you can see. We get the different characters as well so you can have different pages that devoted to the different characters.

There is a poster inside. I will take this out so we can have a look at that. Here are some very nice pages included in the sticker album. You’re straight into opening the packs and we can see what our stickers look like. They are cool. We get five stickers per pack as a normal with these Panini.

There is your shiny sticker. This is the first one we want to show you. Some of these pictures are cool and artistic. Some of these pictures are shown on. We have another shiny one. There are some character stickers as well. Lots of these characters stickers seem to be in this with a headshot.

We are have another shiny one so you have some frames taken from the show. Some are cool with a lot of the characters on there. These ones are with the sunset behind them. We have one weave. They should cut one where you peel away the edges. This is a weird-looking one. Let’s see what this Pat brings to us. I’m sure we have had that one.

Some of these stickers aren’t impressive. It seemed to be a character again another character not much going on except for these ones which are taken from the show. These are cool. I love the shiny ones as well. Don’t mind me showing you these ones. I have get a lot of the character ones. These are normal stickers which will probably take a good chunk of the album off.

That’s cool. You have those pages with these characters on. For that character, there are a lot of those ones with the headshot. Some will be for those pages. I think we have about another three packs left. After this, the city seems to be coming up a lot. We have a bit of evil ways to the back of us to open packs. That is a cloud.

I thought that might have been some weird reveal to stick the buddy seasons. This is a cloud that looks like his father’s head. Let me get on to the last two packs now. This is the last one with a lot of these profile shots of the characters.

This is our last pack. Let’s see what stickers are with this. There are no shiny ones in the last pack. I haven’t seen a squad core yet. Out of all those 15 packs, we only got four shiny stickers, which is a little bit disappointing. I am not too impressed with stickers but they are still amazing. It is a nice collectible sticker album.

Let’s get all of these then we can take a look at them and see how they look. We have the stickers in the album. We can take a look at this. It will look fantastic when it’s completed. These stickers are average. We get some shiny ones but they are average for a Panini sticker album. There’s nothing exciting.

If you are a fan of the show, you will love this sticker album. We get some shiny ones as you could see there. We also have this poster in the middle. If I open this up, you can see that. We get places to put stickers out. I will get stickers here. I also got vast occur there as well. I also got both of the stickers on that one.

On the back, we also get some more stickers to find. These are character stickers. They are different shapes and they will complete the picture. That is your poster. We get some more stickers to apply. We get some nice bigger pictures. They’re complete with the stickers on. That is a massive bonus.

The lion guard sticker album is from Panini from a Disney Junior at the channel as well. If you are a fan of this new cartoon, you will definitely love the sticker album. However, for sticker album fans and collectors, you may want to give this one now you miss or not. That is my recommendation.

Thank you for tuning in. Please let me know what was your favorite part of the stick album and let me know if you have this as well. Please write comment and subscribe. That would be awesome. I will see you here next time on Toy Review TV.

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