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Watch Disney Junior Activate XBMC KODI

Description: The article below is mainly designed to talk about the watchdisneyjunior activate. In this passage, the author introduces the add-on called Disney Junior. With the add-on, kids can watch cartoons and when you click on it, it gets you up to that clock from Disney.

How are you? I have got up and I’m sure you already know about this. On the past I’ve already shown you how to do carton HD from the Xfinity. This add-on is called the Disney Junior. When you click on it, it gets you up to that clock from Disney. Let’s click here. Let’s pick there. You got Mickey’s stuff.

Let’s go up here and you can see that it’s working. Let’s see it. They work straight off. I mean I know a fact that a lot of kids love Sofia. That one is not working. Let’s see if that one is working. That’s the script. That’s Disney Junior.

This add-on is the one I’ve got here. I’m going to click it. This is 1.30. You can get it from the X unity talk or posit or II. How do you stole it? You need to go into system settings after you add the X unity repository which I have shown so many times.

Click the source. Make sure you’ve added the Xfinity. I’m already made a video about this.You need to click on add-ons. Once you are inside here, you click on X unity talk repository video add-ons and you look for Disney Junior. How wonderful it is!

Once you click on it, you click install. There’s nothing to configure. It’s a plug-and-play. You plug it then it can play brilliantly. Let me see. They got this clean up. Using this plug-in will receive advertisements sometimes which help developers. We all thank you.

Sometimes you’ll save advertisements. I didn’t see any advertisements but sometimes you want based on that disclaim so there you go that’s a Disney Junior I don’t display nice for the kids that family or uh to be honest I some Disney jr. stuff so no I’m not okay I it I’ll see you later. Thank you so much for sharing.

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