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How to Set up Disney Now On Computer Watch Disney Junior Activate Com

Description: The article below is mainly designed to talk about watchdisneyjunior com activate. In this article, the author makes a guidance to teach you how to set up Disney Now on computer. There are some errors with the computer but the author says that he will fix it.

Today I will update a short passage because I’ve seen some comments on my own YouTube saying that there has been an error. We’re going to quickly set it up on the PC and see if we get that error code and show you how to set it up on a computer. This is a question that most people will know but in case I’m sure you will be hit. That is not a bottom. Please bear with me.

I would have thought that would have worked. We’re here and we’re going to look into our TV provider. This will be fun. You can’t talk. There have been a few problems with the Disney Now app on computer. Hit login but nothing happens. Let’s go to click out of it and refined it. This is very weird. I want to put that with uploaded in.

Let me refresh the page and select instead. If it’s not going to let us see it, I’m going to have to go onto Firefox or something else. I am on Firefox Chrome. We’ll see if this works. I’m sure that I’m not logging in. I am not sure what’s going on here. I’ll try.

I’m clicking on the TV providers but nothing happens so obviously something is going wrong. There is the same thing with the PC. It worked fine for me today. I linked it up on my iPhone and Samsung and it would find my Roku. It’s all simple but when we wanted to link out to a computer, there are a bit of troubles. I don’t know what that’s.

I think it’s logging into it but I don’t have a login for them. We’ll try YouTube TV. If it is not good, we’ll try on DirecTV. I am sure that’s my login details. That’s how you look at in. I’m sorry about that. That was very confusing for some reason.

I don’t know why it didn’t open up straightaway. That’s interesting because on my Roku, it says Hulu. We’ll see if we can watch lobby. It comes to me that you have to have a chrome. We should be able to get in and we’ll check out the resolution.

I never think I can ever do this on computer. We’ll have a little look. I’m late today. I’m going to write another passage about Disney now. This is how to link it up to your phone. We’ll do that a little later to see if this loads up. This will not be good. If you have a Windows tablet and you want to watch Disney, this will be a perfect thing. There is an error. This might be the error that people are talking about.

There is a natural error so try that one more times. We’re going to go over to the Roku quickly. I promise that the error is for Windows. We’re going to check on that to see if there’s such a thing. Let’s be quick. It’s still good. This is very interesting because if one lives in, we’re going to head on over to the Roku and see if that error still occurs.

We’re over from the Roku. We’re waiting for it to start up. We’re going to see if the live channels are running because this seems to be an issue. I’m hoping that I can solve this issue. I have to contact Disney. I mean I think that’s a bit clearer if it’s not working on here. It was working an hour ago for me. I watched a couple of stuff.

I’m using YouTube TV and it’s Hulu which is a bit odd. We’re going to get it on now and we’ll see if the channel loads up. If it does, it means it’s not working on Windows or computers at all. If it is not working on this, I’ll make a video of an update or scenario tweet so follow me on Twitter. Hopefully it’s going to work.

I don’t think it’s going to work on this. It’s working and redefining me. It works on the yarn Roku so it seems there’s a problem with the Windows version. I will try one more time. I do not look at this before personal secure. I’m trying to run the program office. Let’s sign us back. We’ll look back in and see what that does.

If it’s still not working, I’ll update you on Twitter and YouTube. I’ll make another video about it when it’s updated. This may fix it but it says it is not secure at the top. We’re going to go over to Firefox and Safari quickly to see if we get anything. I hear audio. I don’t know where is it but I can hear. Thanks picking it up but I definitely hear audio.

I fixed it. It’s a good advertisement blocker. I think they would have anything to do with it. I have no audio now. I can not hearing anything. I mean I’m not seeing anything. I’m not going to keep updating about this situation. I’ll do some work on it. Hopefully I can fix the problem.

Hopefully this can help you about how to set it up on the Windows computer even though I couldn’t show you. I don’t know what’s wrong with my computer. It’s not running on Windows for some reasons. Hopefully you can like this passage. I will catch you in the next one.

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