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Review of Disney Now Junior Play App Watch Disney XD Activate

Description: This passage is mainly about watchdisneyxd activate. This passage is a review of Disney Junior Play app, and the writer recommend us get the other four games once we get there, which are easy to navigate.

My name is Jacob and I am playing the Disney app, this is Adele from our family life code at UK and today I’m going to review the Disney Junior Play app, welcome to Disney Junior Play, choose your profile or create a new one, so as you can see it’s already set up with my son’s profile on but it’s quite quick to launch.

So you are going to lower it down slightly okay, so what you need to do when you first go on is that if you choose a pillow to set a profile, you type in your name using choose a picture and file, they can choose from any one of these preset pictures or they can take their own with the camera, so I’m going to choose minis bow using this picture.

Once you’ve chosen your profile picture and setup with your name, if you want to play the game, you click on your name, now this is the screen that comes up when you first download the app and it’s free to download, and you will get this Disney jr. favorite that comes up, now if you scroll screen around, you’ve got all these extra bits here.

Now when you first download this app, those are locked, those are in-app purchases, and a little screen comes up when you first buy the app, it says that it has in-app purchases which cost real money and is charged to your iTunes account, so you can adjust your device settings to disable this.

But also the good thing is that there’s a little safety feature in there, if you go to click on it to try and unlock it and it comes up with a screen saying that a grown-up is needed to unlock this pack and you have to answer a math question to get in, and then obviously you’ve got your iTunes account and everything.

So it’s quite difficult for youngsters to buy anything without you knowing, and at the moment there is a four pack a bundle, so these are four jake and the neverland pirates, you’ve got Doc McStuffins, you’ve got Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then Sofia, you can buy them all separately, if you buy them separately, they’re $1.99 each or you can get two for $2.99 or the cheapest way to do it if you’re going to go for all four.

He’s bought all four together and they are $4.99, so that makes them one pound 25 per game, and if you don’t want to provide, you still get lots of within this app even if you don’t buy anything, if you click on the minimal which is what you get for free, and then you’ll see that you’ve got these different games that come up with activities.

So the kids have got enough to play with, if you don’t want to buy any extra, so you get these, you get five games for them to play, so if I click on one, it’s so easy to do and easy to navigate, and my son is three and it takes him no time at all to get on there and see how everything works.

Welcome to Disney Junior Play, choose your Probot,we use Julia favorites, there’s a party at the clubhouse, what are you doing there? How many balloons can you get before the time runs out? You can go through this joke of the neverland pirates, there’s for every game that you complete, you get a sticker and then it goes into this sticker book which is quite a nice, because you know that kids like stickers, they absolutely love them.

So once this is launched, these are the stickers that you’ve already won if you play the games, so if you drag them, you can put them onto your page and you can make them bigger, you can drag on as many as you like, so that’s quite a nice little feature as well and go back out that, now if I go back to the home screen.

So I’m going to show you a few of the extras that you pay for once you’ve bought them, you’ve got four other ways into this game, and as you can see there are a lot more games once you’ve feared for them, so you’ve got things, you can dress up and you can dress mini up, so this is quite a nice little feature and it is very easy to use.

So you’ve got within the clubhouse, you’ve got this quite good one, my son likes this, and it is lower than the Olympics, so what you need to do is when these apples are falling down, you’ve got to move the basket to be able to catch them, there are different levels for this, the higher level you go, the more quickly the apples drop, and the more you child gets frustrated because they can’t do it quickly enough.

They learn as they go along and they learn to be patient and hand-eye coordination, and he’s working well in every single part of this game, and as I say it’s great for little fingers, you’ll see in my other articles that I touch with this and it is quite easy with it, and then there are little articles within it.

So you’ve got the classic song and and then you go back, and it’s very easy to navigate, so then you’ve got Jake in the neverland pirates, so you’ve got quite a few to choose from once you’re in there and videos as well, and you get extra stickers and with the bundle, when you get the four in the four extra games, and it contains 16 extra games with four videos.

There are four sticker books and there are a hundred stickers as well, so there’s quite a lot in that extra for that $4.99, and as I say you can get them for $1.99 each or you can get all four, and I’ll show you another here, so this is a simple little game, this is a basic game but it is for hand-eye coordination.

Back to the home screen again, as I say my son Jacob is three and he finds it very easy to navigate, to be honest I would recommend you get the other four games and you know that there are a lot more games once you get there, hope you like this review and if you want to read more, go on to

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