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Description: This article talks about a program that participate in the contest for Wells Fargo which offers the opportunity to win mentorship from Wells Fargo, along with $25,000 for your small business.

We are entering the contest for Wells Fargo works, it’s a special project or a contest for the opportunity to win mentorship from Wells Fargo, along with $25,000 for your small business.

We started our business as a passion, because we simply love nursery design, creating our own kids nurseries, we knew there was a niche out there and we wanted to spread the word and we did that in the form of a blog. In 2008, we quit our careers, moved across country to follow her husband’s careers and we both had new babies.

I was in a particular situation where my son Austin was diagnosed with epilepsy at nine months old and I wanted to be there with my child, so that was a reason for creating the nursery program and I’m proud to say we support 14 other women on our team who also work from home and can help raise their children. It’s amazing and an honor to be able to do something that not only spreads love, but also fits our lifestyles so well.

With all the tools that we can use from home through internet, like Wells Fargo Online Banking, we can realize our dreams and be inspired, so I think we are doing well. We want to be the ultimate children’s interior design resource for parents on the web and when we first step into this business, we didn’t expect that there would be a large community out there, who need advice, need direction of raising up a baby, so we cater to them now.

There are a ton of challenges when growing a business, not too fast nor too slow. We have 14 stay-at-home moms that we support and develops, making a little more money is the biggest challenge now. We have a viable business and we’ve done great to where we have gotten it and we want to take it to the next level in the form of retail, the reality is we have grown this business to where we have 360 thousand unique visitors a month to our website, over 2.5 million page views and a crazy social media following which is so incredible.

So according to our audience, they want to buy products from us, that’s why we want to make some beautifully designed products that can’t get from anywhere else and can make the nursery much easier.

Our audience, our community is the biggest achievement we have reached so far. They are the reason why we started, they are the mainly resource of visitors of our social media, they want to know some great advice from those who have experienced this before. Today we have 180,000 plus google+ fans, 140,000 Facebook fans, 90,000 Pinterest followers, 20,000 Twitter which is incredible. We want to keep it growing, we want to keep catering and servicing our readers.

So I hope you like the project, our program.

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