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How to make Activated Charcoal and What Is Activated Charcoal ?

Description: This passage is mainly about what is activated charcoal. In this passage, the writer shows us how to make activated charcoal, and the benefits of activated charcoal are about unlimited.

My article for today is going to go over on how to make activated charcoal, there are a bunch of articles on YouTube, now I will show you how to make charcoal, but I haven’t found any on there showing you how to make that charcoal into activated charcoal, now the benefits of activated charcoal are about unlimited.

You can use activated charcoal for about anything, you can from treating your acne all the way to food poisoning, it will cure your food poison if you want, I’m sure that you can type in things to use activated charcoal on, and it will bring you a list, it’s so numerous of what you can use activated charcoal for.

It takes place of a lot of medicines creams, it’s great stuff to have around your house, it’s numerous, you can whiten and clean your teeth with it, I mean there are so many things that you can do with activated charcoal, and that’s why I’m going to go over on how to make it, first of all what you’re going to need to make activated charcoal is a hardwood, what I use is an oak log.

I use an oak log because oak is very numerous where I’m at, it’s easy to get and it’s a hardwood, so what we get here is your oak wood and a cover, now what we’re going to do with that cover is that we’re going to stitch the log on fire which I’m not going to do in this article, because you get to burn the log down completely.

All that’s left is charcoal, there’s some charcoal, now what you do is that you set that log on fire, it’s the best way to have several logs, in that way you can have the most amount of charcoal and it’s done, but you set your log on fire, you cover it once it is going good, you cover it with your container, and that will take care of smolder in it keeping it smouldered.

Make sure that it doesn’t burn up into ashes, make sure that there’s charcoal at the end of the burning process, now at the end of the burning process, when you remove that cover, make sure that what’s left of the wood is cool to the touch, because once you get to working with it, you don’t want to get burnt, that’s not good.

Now when you move on to the charcoal, you break it up into any large pieces, you’ll break it up such as these pieces here, there are a couple good-sized ones, sometimes you’ll have logs that are completely burned, but they’re completely burned through for charcoal, you’ll use them and you’ll break these up into smaller parts preferably into a powder.

Now you can either do that by hand or you can do it with a blender, with a cheap blender, don’t get an expensive one because it will tear that blender up, now after you get your charcoal broken down into smaller pieces preferably in, you can to powder, it will move to a five-gallon bucket, now this five-gallon bucket is what you will put your charcoal in and you’ll put in there.

Now here comes the important part, the important part of activated charcoal is a chemical that is called calcium chloride or you can even use zinc chloride, now what you do is that you put 25% of concentrated calcium chloride or zinc chloride into the plastic bucket which is your five gallon bucket there, now the rest of what you want to do is to mix water with that, so you get 75 water 25 of your counseling chloride or zinc chloride, you will pour that in.

Now as you pour it in, you will want to go to make sure that you get the whole, you can treat all the way through completely out, you will start it, use a stick for this, it’s a good one, I won’t break, as you stir that you stir it up, get it all worked up, make sure that you get it all in there, you take your lid seal.

Now what you’ll do is that you will let that sit for 20 to 24 hours, during this process the chemicals are impregnated into the charcoal, treatment will transfer the charcoal into activated charcoal, the next step is to remove the charcoal from the chemical solution, and then you put it into a drying tray, you can put it in a tray with several layers of screen.

I don’t have mine out with me now, but it’s very easy to make you put your charcoal on there, spread it out on the tray, you can put it on there, let it drain for about an hour, once it’s drained for that hour, and you can take some clean fresh water and spray it on there, and make sure that you get it all washed off, they’ll get any excess chemicals off the charcoal.

Now the next thing to do is that you take the powder, that’s left of it and you put it in an oven, which is unlike a cookie sheet or a bread pan, whatever you have that can hold a lot and you put it in that oven for 2 when 215 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit and bake it for 3 hours, make sure that all the moisture is out of the activated charcoal.

After you bake it, remove it from the oven, and if it’s still in large chunks, crush it up with the help of a blender or by hand, if you must, you can use a handler to grind it up, you’ll lightly press it on there and turn the powder, then you store your activated charcoal in a ziploc bag, now this is the finished product, it’s a fine powder, it is very light.

This stuff here can save your life, it’s the best stuff to have on hand for you Preppers for the people that like to make stuff on their own, you’re getting a lot of stuff in stores such as medicine wise, food wise is not safe for us anymore, so I hope you enjoy the article, if you have any questions, please comment and I’ll answer the questions, I guess everybody have a good day, be safe out there and enjoy.

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