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How to Reactivate Windows 10 Activator after A Hardware Change Insider Preview

Description: This passage is mainly about windows 10 activator. In this passage, the writer shows us the new look of Windows 10 insider preview where Microsoft decides to switch a few things a bit and how to reactivate Windows 10 after a hardware change.

This is NLB solutions and today I’m going to show you the new look of Windows 10 insider preview where Microsoft decides to switch a few things a bit, first I want to start with showing you some graphical improvements that Microsoft decide to bring in to the anniversary upgrade or update of the Windows 10.

This is now included in the insider preview, I’m not sure when exactly they plan to release it, I hope it’s going to be soon because there are a lot of improvements, not only in the graphical interface but in the general feel and design of how the product reacts and looks.

So the first thing that I notice is the old Windows 10 login screen, but when you click somewhere to login, it’s now integrated directly with the login the place where you put your credentials to log into the system, so it looks more natural, it looks better in general, and when you log in straight away, there are a few things that will show up on your screen and will be different from the one that you’ve used to see.

So I’m not going to talk about every single component and what is improved, because there are a lot of things, Microsoft has announced that they’ve managed to fix more than one not a thousand and eight hundred bucks which is amazing, I’m not sure if it’s true, they can from time to time, they can be over exaggerating.

But I am not able to play around in that much with the new insider preview to see what’s new and what’s being improved and if I like it personally, but the thing that I’ve noticed is great, they’ve added a new feature, a new improvement to the activation process of Windows 10 and a lot of things that you can go to the role to upgrade their computers from seven or eight to Windows 10.

You should notice that there are a lot of problems with the activation of Windows 10, and it doesn’t always happen straight away in the way that we like it to be, so Microsoft decides to include a troubleshooter which I think is great and I will open the Start menu.

You can see that there are a lot of changes being done on the graphical interface of the Start menu, I am not sure why but Microsoft decides to start expanding the graphical menu, I hope that they are not going to bring back the metro-style graphical Start menu which I don’t like in the Windows 8 and later in Windows Server 2012.

So I like that they’ve decided to stick back and a lot of people give negative feedback for the metro-style Start menu, and that’s why in Windows 10, they decide to bring back the old Start menu which is handy, and it helps people do a lot of stuff.

So now if I go to the settings and if I go to upgrade security, you will see that there are a lot of different visual things, they’ve decided to bring up a lot of features that are on the background with the other versions of Windows 10, and if I go to the bottom right side of the screen, you will see that.

They decided to bring the notification bar and it’s a little bit different from the one that we’ve seen on the current version, but the most important thing is the act evasion process, here I’m using a test machine to see how it feels, how it looks and it’s not activated at the moment, I’m performing some tests, but I want to share this with you and they’ve made this.

I think it’s going to be straightforward and simple for the end user to go ahead, and if they don’t have a CD key for Windows 10, they go to the store and buy a Windows 10 CD and it will be straightaway activated, and if you already have a CD key, if you have bought it somewhere offline, you can go ahead and enter the CD Keys here, and with it will be activated.

Here is the feature that I want to show you the troubleshooter which is very handy, but there is another catch up from Microsoft that you need to know about, what they want to do is that they want to link your Microsoft account because from now on and from the Windows 10, there is the possibility for you to use and log in with your Microsoft ID or Microsoft account that you have.

So if you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can use an offline, this is the account that I’m using now for Nick, but if I decide to link my Microsoft account, this will be available for me, so a lot of people have the problems where they’ve upgraded to Windows 10 but something happens to their hard drive or the motherboard.

When they change the the failed part with a new one, the Windows is not working after that, it’s saying that it’s not activated because it is digitally signed to a different device, and if a hardware component is changed for some reason, the windows will detect that there is a change and it will say that you’re not using a genuine Windows, even though that you have the proper CD key and you do the proper upgrade.

There is a the problem where some components such as hard disk or a motherboard fails, so Microsoft has heard our voices and they decide to add this troubleshooter where you can change that, you can still assign your digital license that Microsoft gives to you when you perform the upgrade initially.

There is the option to you that I change the hardware on this device recently, and when you do this, it will straightaway bring the the window where you need to login with your account with Microsoft account, as I have said, they want to link the ID and link the account, I don’t want everyone to know that I’m using this device or the time or the person behind the computer.

I am not sure if Microsoft is going to change this in the future, it’s possible but it’s going to be simple for you, if you have a Microsoft account to see all the devices that are listed for your account and see what is registered and what is digitally signed for you personally, so I’m not going to log in here.

If I log in with my Microsoft account, it will show all the devices that I’ve linked with my profile and I can specify with a single click, I can specify which the device is that I’m currently using and is with the problem, so you will select that device and click Yes, this is the device that I’m using at the moment, click OK and it will reactivate the windows that you have.

So this is a cool feature, I think it’s a good feature that Microsoft has implemented that and fixed a lot of problems that can occur when we are using Windows 10, so you can share in the comments below what you think about this feature, if it’s going to help us or is going to be on more of the negative side of things.

Microsoft still wants to know that who is using the device and they want to add our names into their databases, so you can share the comments below, if you like the article, you can always subscribe and like the my channel, and I will try to bring new content and help people with reviews and solutions in the future, so thank you very much for reading and see you soon.

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