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Windows 10 Activator Fix Version 1803 Problems Return to 1709

Description: This passage is mainly about windows 10 activator. This passage is about the latest Windows 10 update, and the writer tells us the problems of Windows 10 Fix Version.

Welcome to this article, this article is all about the latest Windows 10 update in April, which is version one eight zero 3.1, a lot of people have complained about issues regarding Chrome, Cortana, outlook and freezes glitches, there are a lot of complaints, now Microsoft mentions that with its latest cumulative update which is yesterday on the 8th of May, these bugs should have been fixed.

If they have not, we have a solution that it should get you back to your original state, and you give Microsoft some time to sort out the issues, and then you can update with confidence at a later time, so the first thing that you need to do is to go to settings, so click over here and that will bring up settings.

And then what you want to do is to go to update and security and then recovery, and we want to go back to the previous version of Windows 10, you will get a little questionnaire saying the reason why you are going back, you might want to say that the earlier build is a more reliable and faster app and device used to work.

You can go on, we’ll click this and click Next, and you might want to check for updates, we’ve already updated our system, so everything’s fine but you might want to click this, then over here it says OK, you click it or you’ll have to reinstall some apps and programs, you’ll lose any changes made to settings after installing this latest build, that’s a possibility.

Make sure that you have backed up your data, generally what we have found is that the things go quite smoothly, however please bear this in mind, click Next, go back to earlier build and after restarting it, it goes to a black screen and says restoring your previous version, which takes a bit of time and it starts up into the previous version.

If you type in, it’ll open up this window, and as you can see that we’ve gone back to one 709 that is working quite happily for us, now once you reach this point, you don’t want Windows Update to suddenly reinstall version one eight zero three right, now give it some time, let them sort all the bugs, and then you might want to update to that version.

So how do we stop it from going there? Let’s go to settings and then update and security, click Advanced Options and then what you want to do is a feature update, which includes new capabilities and improvements, it can be deferred for this many days, you might want to defer it for the maximum.

Now you can obviously do it less, what I would suggest is to keep an eye on the news and see if there’s any report, they may sort that out probably within a month, then you can remove that, go back to zero and then choose to update the feature update, and that’s the other method.

Let’s assume in the previous part, you are able to start up windows, but once you log in, it’s extremely slow, it crashes, but at least you’re able to get into this login page, so what you need to do is to hold down the shift button while you’re doing this, keep it pressed, go there and then still hold shift, press restart.

Now you can go of the shift button, you will see that it boots up to this, what you want to do now is to go to troubleshoot Advanced Options and then go back to the previous version, and then go back to the previous version, and then you’ll see this black screen as I have mentioned before.

Then once this finishes, you will be back to version 1 709, and then don’t forget to set the time for the number of days that you want to pause the feature updates, thank you for reading and hopefully these articles have helped you.

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