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Description: The article below mentions the key point which has something to do with www chase com amazon. The content we will read refers to the part of credit card top up target red card. We can learn that target has a debit and a credit card product that give us five percent off.

Welcome to episode 6 of a hodgepodge of information stuff you might want to know, but you probably don’t go crazy tonight film on a bunch of them which is going to upload them later, the beauty of the Internet, it’s going to be great.

But today or tonight or whenever, I decide to upload this, I want to talk to you about the target red card, so in the spirit of some of the earlier episodes, I like saving money, I like deals, this is a deal that a lot of people know about.

Target has a debit and a credit card product that gives you five percent off, all of your purchases at Target and so along with five percent off all your purchases at Target, this is the big one, they give you free shipping at target.com, so not only do I enjoy free shipping at Amazon, because I’m a prime number, I also addressed free shipping at Target, because I am a target red cold red card debit holder no matter what your feelings are on credit cards.

They have a debit card product, so it’s something to look into the application, the process is straightforward, if it is getting the debit card, it’s like bringing a voided, check into the store, they’ll sign you up there, you can sign up online either way, but they do save you 5% on every purchase.

So in the great state of Virginia where I am currently, our sales tax is about five percent, so it’s like in the gate CEO and it gets the sales tax if your sales taxes are less, you save a little money, if it’s more chip in the sales tax a little bit, but either way the red card will save you cash.

I’ll link it up below in the comments if you want to, if you want to sign up or read more, but I highly recommend it and they implemented the chip, so a future episode of a hodgepodge of information, we’ll discuss what the chip is, what it does and why you should care.

But for the time being, you’re going to have to trust me that it’s cool or look it up yourself which is also cool. I’m a big fan of doing a little self investigation, but the target red card, check it out, save 5%, get free shipping at target.com and get three free extra days to return stuff.

So that’s cool target return policies straightforward and it’s easy, so you can bring stuff in from online bringing it from the store either way, you’re saving money and you’re enjoying some target, so thanks for your time, this has been episode 6 of a hodgepodge of information a little mini episode, if you will like it, subscribe and do all those things.

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