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Chase Sapphire Reserve Review WWW Chase Verify Card Com

Description: The article focuses on the main topic which is related to www chase com verifycard. The author is going to review the chase sapphire reserve card which is a travel credit card with some more extensive categories so that we have the information to compare when we have some other travel premium cards.

Today we’ll be reviewing the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, let’s go into reviewing the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card by chase, first of all, it’s a travel credit card, so most people that travel are going to find this credit card useful, a lot of people think that one card can replace all of their cards, but that is not the case.

Let’s take a look at the Chase Sapphire Reserve, let’s click and find out a little bit more about this card, so this card has a 50,000 bonus point sign up, so basically, if you spend $4,000 in the first three months of account opening, you will receive a 50,000 bonus point reward.

In that case, Chase will award you the points after you’ve met the minimum spend, you also have a three hundred dollar annual travel credit, so a lot of people feel like this offsets the four hundred and fifty dollar annual fee, three hundred dollars going to anything travel related whether that’s airfare hotel car rental.

It has some more extensive categories than some of the other travel credit cards, so that effectively makes the annual fee a hundred and fifty dollars, so it’s a little bit easier to swallow, but in addition to that, I don’t think they mention it here, they give you $100 credit.

If you do Global Entry or TSA, so that is an added benefit that if you do travel either domestically or internationally, 100 dollar credit makes a lot of sense and they will credit you that amount when you purchase.

I believe it’s a hundred dollars for the Global Entry and eighty-five dollars for the TSA PreCheck what are some of the other benefits of the card? You can earn 3x points on travel and dining, so you know if you go and eat out fast food or fine dining.

You’ll get 3x points also on travel, like I said, airfare hotels car rental cruises, you will get 3x the points per dollar spent there, in addition, if you book through their portal, you get 50% more value when you want to redeem, so those points are valued.

I believe that one cent per per dollar, then they’re going to be worth one point five cents per dollar, so 50% more when you want to redeem on their shopping portal and that is basically everything that the Chase Sapphire Reserve has to offer.

Obviously, you know if you want to do lounge access, it has priority select, so I found that domestically, that’s not that great of a benefit, but internationally Priority Pass does have some very good lounges and then obviously you know with the chase ultimate reward points, you can transfer those points to travel partners, travel partners like United, like Singapore, Korean Airlines.

I think at least eleven travel partners that you can transfer to including hotels like Hyatt Mariya ritz-carlton and I can find some good redemptions with trap transferring those points to those travel partners.

To recap the Chase Sapphire Reserve is a travel credit card, it has a $450 annual fee, a 300 dollar annual travel credit Global Entry and TSA credit up to $100 access to the priority pass select lounge 50% bonus when redeeming on the chase portal and also receiving three times bonus points on dining and travel.

If you have any questions, please leave in the comments below. let me know if you like this card compared to some of the other travel premium cars like the Amex platinum or the city prestige.

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