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Sen Brian Schatz Real Time With Bill Maher HBO GO Activate

Description: The following article is mainly about hbogo activate. The contain focuses on the talk by the democratic senator from Hawaii, discussing about several questions with the heated debated topics such as the solutions to the refugees.

He’s the Democratic senator from Hawaii, a chief deputy whip of the Senate Democratic caucus Brian Schatz, you’re here on a very slow news, you’re a senator, I’ve got to ask you off the bat, what do you think about us going into Syria like this?

First of all, we don’t exactly know what the operation is, but the first thing we need to be concerned about is that we’re at about 2,000 American service members, so we pray for their safety.

Then let’s come to the second question that I have, I don’t think we know the answer to that, it was phrased, this may be an open-ended commitment in which case they have to come to the Congress and get a new authorization of the use of military force.

I said no, it is an air war though, but they’re talking about the willingness to sustain this over time and if they do that, there is no way that this is authorized by the 2001 AUMF, that was designed to go after al Qaeda and affiliated groups and Bashar al Assad bad man awful dictator murder.

But it’s not authorized until you go to the Congress and the last thing I’ll say is that we all saw those images of those kids being gassed and I think it touches all of us, but the thing that the American government ought to do is what we’ve always done which is to take refugees, I was on there sweating, we should take in as many as we possibly can look at these children.

Germany took a million, I’m not sure how many we need to be taking in, but I was on the Syria Jordan border, this is Atari, a refugee camp and these are children, these are families, they are no threat to America, what is a threat to America is the idea that we reject these people, because they don’t look like us.

So if we’re committed to taking care of these children, a military operation may be necessary tonight, but our commitment to refugees is what we need to focus on, if you are running for president, would you say that was one of our priorities to worry about refugees?

I think we should worry about refugees, I’m not rude, I’m saying it’s a priority, I mean I’m talking about the people in America who are thinking, we have other issues and other problems, I think we can walk and chew gum at the same time.

I think that at some point, one of the things that people are frustrated with Democrats about is that we have pollsters, come to us and tell us what the rank order to talk about things.

If refugees poll number 11, then we stop talking about it and I think as a matter of principle, what about Russia well and I’ve heard a lot of Democrats say people aren’t concerned about Russia, therefore I don’t think Democrats prosecute the issue so much.

If you can’t make treason an issue, I don’t know why you’re even a party, I agree with you on that, I think that listen, there’s no way, when you pull something and you ask a person whether they care about their own health care or their own tax situation or their ability to for college whether Russia is not going to penetrate that top two or three.

But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that it isn’t your job to make it well, I agree with you, I think we have to be the party of the rule of law, because the other party’s not the rule of law, it is not the party of the rule of law.

I think it’s important for us to occasionally do something, because it’s right even though it doesn’t pull on our little priority list, one of the things that happen in the last election is Democrats paint-by-numbers, they get told what to say and they say it in the fashion that they’re told to say it.

They’re told to say it and I think what people were frustrated in terms of democratic leadership, we don’t look like it, we’re working from our gut and I think the operation of law and the rule of law is something we ought to run on.

We also have to run against their attempts to repeal health care, we also have to run against their terrible tax cut which is the only major tax cut in American history, that’s still unpopular and we also have to run on making college more affordable.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t prosecute the case around the rule of law, so if this bombing campaign in Syria another president, I saw he spoke only about half hour ago, it’s going to go on in a more sustained level than the one he did before which is only one day.

There is a time when you would say times up on this, I think he gets a day or two to run a couple of day campaign and after that he has to come to the Congress and ask for an authorization of the use of military force.

There is no scenario either legally or in terms of our geopolitics under which this should be authorized by the 2001 AUMF, we’ve got to go back to the Congress, we got to get back to the role that we used to play in terms of prosecuting foreign policy, one thing that he said which I liked which I’m sure was written for him.

He was going to use every instrument of American power including diplomacy and I think we have a theory of the case in the Middle East, it has to include staffing up the State Department and understanding that we are the strongest when we use our diplomatic power.

I know that you were on the committee this week, that was interviewing Mark Zuckerberg, how did you find him? I looked like a real nerd, I thought you did fine, I think there are two ways to look at this.

First of all, they did not recognize that their platform was used by a foreign government to hijack at least a portion of our election, but that’s to me separate and apart from the broader question around Facebook Google and these tech companies which are so ubiquitous and so large that we have to think about what kind of federal regulation that there’s going to be for these tech companies.

I’ll give you an example Google and Facebook consume about 61% of all online ad revenue and that number goes up and up, everybody uses all of these tech platforms whether it’s aviation or shipping or cars or telecom, we all have a separate statute to govern how they operate.

These men are operating in the wild west and that can’t continue well, I got to my next question, what is the Congress going to do? Because it seems that you talked to him, he gave you a lot of answers that you wanted to hear and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

But you’re right, they are not immediate, either the biggest media company by far. I think what we ought to do is two things, first what the European Union does is to give individual consumers, our right to their own data to control their own data.

I think all tech platforms ought to adopt the EU approach to that to basically say if you’re going to monetize my data, I have the ability to see what you have on me and I have the ability to delete it, because it’s my data, it’s my information and it’s a right to control the data that people are using about you.

The second concept that I think is interesting and we’re pursuing it now, it is the idea of an information fiduciary, so a financial adviser is supposed to put themselves in your shoes.

I think tech companies ought to be able to put ought to be required to put themselves in your shoes when they’re controlling your data, they are monetizing our data, they are watching you online, they’re making lots of money.

I think it is incumbent on them to utilize that data in a way that takes care of our privacy, that is not something they’re going do voluntarily, that’s something we have to pass a law for senator, thank you so much for your hospitality. I spent every New Year there, I wouldn’t miss it for the world, thank you.

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