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Mobius X-8 Knee Braces Knee Brace Walmart

Description: The article is about knee brace walmart. The author recommend a knee braces which he used for his knee protection during he ride the bike.Only issue is it takes some of the comfort out of riding and you need some pants that are big enough that makes you feel comfortable.

I’m Kyle Brotherton and today I want to give you some of my thoughts of a review on these Mobius X 8 knee braces. Before I do that I want to mention something. If you’re reading this before May 15th of 2018,you still have a chance to win this dirt bike. This is my 2018 KTM 250 xew TPI. This is the fuel-injected two-stroke. The first one that have come to the mainland us. I’m giving this away. All you have to do is go over to my website dirt bike

These are the first and only braces that knee braces that I have ever used. I think they’re very good. There’s a lot of adability here. You’ve got four different attachment points four different straps where you can keep this anchor to yourself. It got a knee cup here. I’m not going to go over all the technical data about this. I’m going to tell you some of my highlights.

There’s a knee cup protector. Some of the braces don’t have anything in the middle that may or may not make them more comfortable because the purpose of a knee brace is to brace your knee from the side-to-side stuff and then hyperextension. That’s what the braces are for. This brace does both because it also has this cap here to protect your knee from your knee cap from getting busted and nailed. It’s a knee guard and a knee brace all at the same time.

It is the first one that I’ve ever used. I used this a lot last year. it’s adable. You can put in additional pieces on this. They have different pieces on the inside for you to custom fit it to yourself. You need to make sure you that you get the correct size. There’s a fitment chart on their website that you can use to measure your knee and your leg and your calf and everything to make sure that you get the right size.

That’s critically important. You need to have pants that are loose enough. I have a number of riding pants. Some of the writing pants that I have or simply unusable with these braces because the pants are too tight. You need a pant that baggy enough. When your knee starts to bend,it can give you the support.

There’s all this material back here that starts to bunch up behind your knee and it makes impossible to move. So you need some boots or some pants and make them a little bit looser. Let’s take these over to the chair here and see how they work and how you put them on. These are good products. I think when I bought them I paid $600. It’s not cheap. But this is insurance against a knee injury.

Let’s go take them over to the chair here and see how they look when you’re putting them on. Let’s take a closer look at these Moebius scars now. There is an adment block. That is removable so you can extend your knee. I want to show you how these look when they’re on. They have an order on how you’re supposed to put this on. There are four belts that you need to wear on. It is nice that they have those marked because I always forget when I’m trying to put these on.

You can pull this out by lifting up on this tab and then you ratchet it down here on the wheel in the front. I’ll put my knee in this position. There is this knee guard in addition to the fact. It’s bracing you. We’ll start with our first one here. Number one come around and velcro that. Then we can cinch down number two.

This is the 2nd cinch point. It’s important that you get the right size of brace. I have small little chicken legs so you need to know which size you are. I got very small chicken legs. There’s the third one. Then lastly number four. So if you’re going to wear a brace like this,you’re going to need some sort of socks on the ground.

Here you’re going to need some socks or some material that covers down all the way through here otherwise you’re going to get some major chafing. They make socks that come all the way up to here. Those are good. You can get sleeves that would go from here to up here. Either way you’re going to need something. But that’s what these things look like. So you can tighten it down if it starts to loosen up on you. You can tighten it here. These are very good.

Only complaint is that they are hot when you’re wearing them. They are a little bit more restrictive. I’ve got some pants here that I cannot wear these with these. These are some Troy Lee pants that are a little bit too tight. It’s so restrictive you can’t hardly even bend your leg. You can barely bend down to sit on the bike if you’ve got tight pants.

If you’re going to wear these things my suggestion is you’re going to have to go up a size or two on pants. Make sure you have some riding pants that are loose-fitting otherwise you are going to hate wearing these things. You won’t do it. That part of the problem is these are comfortable. But they’re not bothering me now.

But if you’re sitting down on the bike then this stuff starts to bite into you a little bit. Cut off a little bit of the circulation. It isn’t uber comfortable for long periods of time unless you’ve got some loose fitting pants. So that’s my suggestion to you. Find some pants that are oversized some loose fitting pants and get those.

But these are the only knee braces that I’ve ever used. They certainly do the job. They have a lot of protection. If you go on your knee that’s going to save you. For the the bracing from the side and from the top and the bottom that’ll help a lot with these. That’s what they look like when they’re on and that’s a demonstration of how you how you get them on.

When you’re taking them off I think it doesn’t matter. You can take it off in whatever order you want. You might have already covered this. But these braces come when you buy them. They come with different inserts that you can use. Ao you can customize the fit a little bit. There is a left and a right. This is the left. So left on the right that you can always remember it because these straps roll over on the outside of your leg. So you can add here.

You can add the inserts to give you a little bit more of a custom fit. But it’s important that with these Mobius X 8 braces and any other brace that you can go ahead and measure your knee measure your leg and get the correct size.These are size small. I’ve got small legs. But when I was talking to the counters they said it’s better off to go a size small than a size big. Because if it’s too big it’s not going to give you the bracing that you need.

So that’s what I’ve got with these Mobius X 8 braces. It is cool product especially. If you’ve ever had a knee issue this is something you’re probably going to want to wear. Even if you haven’t had a knee issue it’s probably something that you might want to think about.

Only issue is it takes some of the comfort out of riding and you need some pants that are big enough that makes you feel comfortable especially when you’re bending your legs. Because you get the pants up in here. It’s all this material trying to bunch up in this area. It can become difficult to have the mobility that you want if your pants are too tight.

There are a lot of other knee braces out there in the industry. This is one and only one that I’ve tried. I think that I would recommend these. Make sure that you have pants that are loose enough that you can use these things. It’s a little bit of a commitment to be able to. You can see I’ve got some wear marks here from the inside of my pants.

It’s a little bit of a commitment to be able to wear something like this. It makes it more hot. So if you’re riding in the summer months sometimes and you think that I don’t want to wear those,you must consider it. I have that issue all the time. I’m prefer wear the knee guards today instead of the knee braces.

That happens to me all the time. But it is good insurance and if you’ve ever had a knee injury you probably is going to be mandatory for you to wear something like this. It’s good insurance against getting an injury in the future. So you need to got a way that your comfort and your flexibility and your mobility over protecting yourself.

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