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A Review of Chase Sapphire Reserve at Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits. Com

Today we are going to be reviewing a credit card that a lot of people have been anticipating and waiting for ever since the unboxing video. It is the Chase Sapphire reserve, the hottest new credit card of 2016. So I’ll tell you this card can earn one point of everything and three points on traveling and dining, these are three ultimate rewards of Chase.

In my first month of using it, I’ve earned over a thousand points, one thousand three hundred and sixty six points to be exact, that could be redeemed for 1366 in cash back or w booking flights through Chase’s internal system, where you use your points such as cash.

It’s equivalent to over twenty dollars, because you get extra fifty percent through their system. The advantage of booking through Chase is that there’s no blackout date and you can earn miles from your airline frequent flyer program, or you can transfer to eleven airline transfer partners and hotel transfer partners.

A lot of people have been asking about the perks with this card, because they are very curious. This card has a $450 annual fee with $300 travel credit, so this takes the annual fee down to $150. So people have been asking me if they have to phone up when applying for the account, the answer is yes, you have to apply for it, Chase has made this card very simple, clear and transparent.

So at the end of the year, you can see a wheel in your ultimate reward system which shows how much of the travel credit you have used up in a calendar year. You can see I’ve used up over $140, I bought a monthly train pass which costed $126, and it posted $160.

126 dollars were deducted from that account. In fact, it’s appearing on the statement before the payment, but on the same day, 126 dollars was canceled off from my account balance and the wheel increased to 140 something dollars. I think I spent a little bit extra money on some other subway passes and stuff.

And now some people are saying that you can’t pay for bus ticket with a credit card, but you can buy monthly bus passes, subway passes, Uber and any flight tickets.

So unless you are in a situation where you live in the countryside and the only form of transport is your own car and you never take a plane, gas is not included in this travel credit, you would always recoup this $300 travel credit.

For most people, they probably book a flight at least once a year, a monthly subway pass, a monthly bus pass or take booba every now and then, so they can recoup $300 travel credit which will bring the annual fee down to $150. For your information, it is very easy to get that back.

You get the money back instantly by making those travel purchases, and you can track how much you have got back in a calendar year very easily, it will reset every January.

Now another perk people have been asking about is Priority Pass. So once you go, you get your Sapphire Reserve card and you can go to a part of the website which is called exploring the benefits of your card. You click there and there’s a thing which you go in and you click to order your Priority Pass card, within two weeks, you will be sent this card Priority Pass through the mail.

You create an account on their site, you just get this card. So it’s when you have an account with priority pass in Chase and they give you a card.

But you can still download the priority pass app, and I’ll show you that it is very easy to use. So you just click in there and you’ve got this thing, find a lounge, you just go in there and type in your airport name, this is the one I visited most recently, and it automatically comes up.

So we can see they’ve got one at Newark, which is the art and lounge I visited the other day, it is probably not one of the best on Priority Pass, I’ve seen a lot better. But you can go to check it out, you can have a look at the amenities it has, you can also find the location, the opening times and so on.

So the app is very easy to be used to find airport lounges and Priority Pass. When you go in there, you just swipe your card, and you can bring as many guests as you like. They don’t seem to have a limit on guests yet and they’ll give you a receipt, you don’t have to pay any money, it’s free.

I’ve been very impressed with Priority Pass, but this card still trails behind Amex platinum in terms of the lounge benefits you get. Because Alex Platinum gets Priority Pass access, it also gets the 9th century lounges and airspace lounges, three of which are in New York, Cleveland and San Diego. And in addition to this, it gets Delta Sky Club.

So there are a lot more choices you get with Annex Platen, a lot more locations. But most major airports seem to have lounges that are accessible with Priority Pass, it’s still reasonable. So I would recommend this card to someone who earns a lot. Chase Ultimate Rewards points and redeems them for airfare hotels, business class, upgrades.

The perks aren’t as good as the Annex Platinum, so for the serious business traveler who is traveling a lot, I would still say the MX Platinum is a superior card. Because you can Hilton gold status, many more airport lounges and perhaps the 450 dollar annual fee is not such a big deal to the businessman who has a higher salary than others.

This card has an $450 annual fee, and you can offset that with the travel credit, which means it can get down to $150. For the average people who want to earn a lot of miles and redeem them for free flights, they would like to experience a good life with the airport lounges etc. I would say this card is a better suit for that kind of person. So for medium income, they travel mainly for pleasure rather than for business and it wants to break into experiencing the luxury lifestyle a little bit. This guide is much more main stream, and it feels exclusive.

I don’t think it is exclusive, although it feels so because it’s made of metal and it is my first card in my wallet. That’s the review of the Chase Sapphire reserve, it’s an awesome card, I really encourage you to get it.

If you want to know how to get approved for it, check out my video chase sapphires on how to get approved. Don’t waste a hard pull on getting rejected, and we will see you next time. Don’t forget to subscribe for more interests in credit card tips tricks and reviews every week. Bye.

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