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How to Access Free AncestryDNA Account Through Ids Org at

Description: The following passage is primarily designed to show us the information and some ways to access free ancestry DNA account through lds organization.

First, open up your browser Chrome which works best, you’re going to go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day. Saints website also Noah’s from there, you will click or scroll all the way down to the bottom to and get to the site map.

There are other ways to do this, but this is the most efficient, so once you’ve gotten to the bottom of the page, click on the site map from there, you’ll scroll down until you get to family history,individuals click on family search mobile apps, this will bring up a whole bunch of different options that you can do family history with, but for our purposes, we want ancestry, so you’ll scroll down until you get to LTS access and click on ancestry 4lbs.

Obviously, you’ll click on, get started to sign up,if you have an LDS account, this is where you type in your username and password that you use just like on, if you do not,what you can do is to click over here on to your free account and create an account by yourself using first name, last name, your user name, password,confirm your password, click continue, it will send you an email, letting you know that this is what you signed up for.

Are you OK? With that click yes, and then your different account information, you won’t be paying for anything, it will automatically link it and want to know which emails to link it, it will take you to now for our intents and purposes signed in and for plants and from there depending on whether you’re in echoes or agitators, you’ll be going to the search and going to the card catalog.

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