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How to Provide An AncestryDNA Sample at

Description: The author will talk about how to spit in tube, showing us the ways on how to provide an ancestry DNA sample with minimum amount of fat in order to access to the wonderful DNA science.

This is Brad argent from ancestry, today I want to talk to you about spitting in a tube, upbringing was anything like mine, you would never be told to spit and how disgusting it was, but in order to get access to this wonderful DNA science, that’s something that we need to do, so keep getting asked a lot of questions about the best process,what to do and what we should not do,so I thought I give you a couple of tips and tricks about how to get a good sample with minimum amount of fat and hopefully the minimum amount of grouse nests.

It’s best not to do the test if you’ve had medications within the last 30 minutes so that we get a good clean sample now, if you’re going through chemo,it’s probably best to wait to the treatment, take the DNA test, alternatively, if you can’t wait for that, you could test perhaps a child or a sibling if you wanted to rush those results through.

It would give you some indication but get you some connections now, eating and drinking is another thing that comes up, you shouldn’t eat, we’ll drink about half an hour beforehand, so we don’t get a contaminated sample now.

Don’t have ideally, don’t eat any food for about half an hour before you decide to take the test, don’t drink anything other than water for about half an hour before you take the test down them again.

It’s about contamination, but you’ve got to be hydrated, if you’ve got a spread and rate saliva, you need to have some fluids in you, we don’t want you to dehydrate to take a DNA test, so make sure you drink plenty of fluids and you can drink water in it up to minutes before you take the test.

What we want to do is that you want to generate saliva, so how do you do that? I’ve got a couple of tricks that I use when I’m getting people to do it and what some people could generate saliva easy and other people can take a long time, the older you get, the harder it becomes to generate saliva.

I gently chew the inside of my cheek, I want to draw blood but gently chew it now, that does two things, it generates saliva, but it also breaks off infused skin cells and that’s great because that helps us extract the DNA, the other thing is to think about your favorite food.

If you’re going to test somebody else who’s a little bit older, these things can help you get that good solid sample,this is the tube, you’ll all see this or something very close to it and you’ll see that there’s a little black line on there that you’ve got to fill up.

We spit now, it’s liquid, so you’ve got to get liquid now about half a teaspoon. I measured it out this morning and it’s about half a teaspoon of liquid, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can take some people some time, I’ve been after things of these words taken up to half an hour.

I’ve generate that amount of liquid and I’ve been there when somebody’s done it in one go, so wide variations, but you’ve got to fill it up to that little black wiggly line there with liquid, then you simply detach the top, it unscrews and then you put this cap on now.

You can see this little blue liquid in that cap there, you screw it on and you’ve got to screw it tightly until you hear this tiny little crack and the blue liquid will flow down in to your saliva and you’ll get a little bit of blueness in there now.

Don’t be afraid to to tighten it, it does take some effort to break that seal and that liquid in there will preserve the fluid in there and it makes its way to the lab. I want to give you some tips for getting the best possible results and make sure that your sample got to the lab in one piece and you’ve got your results as quickly as possible.

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