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Description: From the article below, we can find several information about the ancestry DNA results Black Friday, containing various reasons about what, where and who the people mentioned in the article are.

Today what we’re going to do is to read off our ancestry DNA results Black Friday, they had it discounted. I think it was 69 dollars or so per test, so I ordered two, we wanted to see where, what, who we really are, where we originated.

let’s read our results, you were chosen first, let me see, I got three infers, I don’t know you’re a camera, I try to find it – mine already fans business taking a while. I think I saw something my musical mood, we haven’t changed together, what is the thing?

I said about 95% Africa who didn’t know, you’re black, 34 percent Nigeria, 22 percent Ivory Coast Ghana,because he’s from 95 percent, but he’s 12 percent malls Maui,ten percent Congo, seven percent been Togo and four percent Africa South in Toronto gathers hunter gathers.

It’s a trace region, we don’t know exactly where trace regions are from Senegal four percent and 2 percent Africa North. I’m three percent great Brady, you’re fit Caucasian, I’m assuming this is Caucasian, this is crazy, I cannot even handle it, I prefer great brutes.

Let’s do the trace regions, 2% Senegal, 1% Africa southeastern bantu, less than one percent Benin Togo, you’re forty percent Native American, but I’m not showing my Mexican brain, don’t say anything about Spanish, I’m so confused, I’m forty percent Native American, Iberian Peninsula 30 percent, this is crazy, I need to see where that is Italy Greece, 10 percent Ireland seven percent, so I have more Irish in me than you.

I’m so confused because I’m 95% Africa, so this Native American includes some Mexican, I’m Hispanic, this country was all Native American, different intense like I don’t even know what to do with this information for all trying to do, we can put those people who have DNA matches wait a minute.

There’s a section on that shows that they are my fourth cousin or closer. I’m trying to click on View all DNA matches. I think with these results, we’re going to do a little bit more researches to see, because Native American confused.

If we do another DNA test or if we have more information,I’m definitely going to do a second video on this, I’m not doing one more research, I’m a 95 percent African, I don’t know, there’s no good reason on this part.

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