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How To Maximize The Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Benefits

My name is Sebastian and today we are talking about the Chase Sapphire reserve card. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is a new card released by Chase in September. You can use the card to compete with the city prestige and the AMEX platinum, both of which have high annual fee cards.

If the annual fee is $450, it will scare away a lot of people, but if you check it out, you will know it makes sense. The travel credit is $300 based on the calendar year which means that you sign up in 2016, and it can apply for any type of travel you have, so it works for my ubers on my list and my flights as well.

One thing that a lot of people have in mind is that they think the travel credit can’t be used until December 31st, but if you look at the Chase’s terms, you will know it is actually based on your December statement, which means that if your December statement says December 20th, you have to post before that date. So you have to spend it by December 17th in order to count towards your 2016 credit. In this example, something will count toward a 2017 credit on December 20th or December 21st.

So if you still haven’t used traffic credit yet, what I would do is buying gift cards, but only certain gift cards can trigger the credit, they are American Airlines Delta, Mariette, Airbnb and uber. But you have to be careful with it and make sure that you’re getting reimbursed for it.

Otherwise, you are buying gift cards for no reason, and remember the bonus as well, it is not based on when you receive the card, most people get it in two days, but when you apply for it.

Most people are thinking about traveling a lot, one thing that you should remember to do is to activate your Priority Pass. It’s a free perk that you get with the reserve and it allows you to go into a bunch of different lounges in the US and around the world for free and most of lounges give you free food and free drinks. And mostly you get free alcohol, which is a nice plus when you’re flying. I hate flying but I can arrive an hour earlier to hang out in the lounge, use my computer while drinking and eating for free, it is a big win for me. You can bring as many people as you want into the lounge as well.

So if you’re traveling with a big group, it works out well. One of my friends went to Hong Kong with her friends and family in November, and she was able to bring eight people into the lounge with her, which was amazing, given that she only needed one card. The food was awesome, there was a noodle bar and free alcohol.

Though some lounges have discretionary rules that limit you to bring one or two guests at your priority pass, that’s something to look out for, and some lounges limit your ability to enter your lounge when they have a busy time.

Let’s put pass members in a priority, if they know they have a flight coming in and it’s going to get busy. If you’re planning your Christmas trips, you should look into the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal to book your flights and you can get effectively 33 percent off for your travels.

I would check Google flights though I’ve had times when the Google flights was a hundred dollars versus the portal, which was 200, it means that even though there was a discount, it didn’t work out and the price was about the same.

I would use the portal though it was a hundred. If you’re savvier, you might actually want to transfer your points to one of your Chase partners which means that he can get almost two cents per points and that is awesome. A lot of people do this when they want to book first-class flights.

So if you’re booking a one-way flight from San Francisco to Japan, that’s going to be forty thousand points, but if you want to do first-class, it is eighty thousand points and business class is about seventy thousand points. Looking at it from one perspective, booking a flight from SFO to Japan Tokyo costs about six hundred dollars.

But if you look at business class, it’s almost two thousand dollars and the first-class is around $8,000. So the value you get is almost 10 X for only 2X points, it really depends on how you value your points and experiences.

Personally, I usually value economy and I’d rather have more tricks and one awesome trip, but it depends on whether you’re looking to do a honeymoon or an extremely memorable vacation or just a typical trip.

So if you make any purchases on Black Friday and you’re not sure if you want to keep it a returner, one of the cool perks for the reserve is that they have return protection which means that even if you’re outside of the return period for the retailer, you can still return it using the perk.

Sometimes you have to pay for shipping back to Chase, but if it’s something that you don’t really need anymore, it can be pretty helpful. So if you want to make the experience of going to the airport a bit better, you can use your Global Entry credit of 100 dollars.

So if you don’t have the card gate, you can wait till about January or February to apply for the reason, so you can make sure that you get to travel credits for one annual fee. If you do it right now, you hit the point where you might only get one travel credit for one annual fee which makes the proposition less good.

It’s an awesome card with an amazing sign-up bonus. I personally wait until February and hope that the sign-up bonus stays around that way, you’ll be able to get the travel credit for 2017 and 2018, if you trigger it on January 1st 2018. This is a travel card for a lot of different perks, especially for travel.

My friend used it when she rented a car and her car got broken into, and another friend lost her luggage while flying, Chase has been good with being able to help them for different situations. If you have questions about Chase at par reserve or any credit cards, feel free to leave them down in the comments below.

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