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The Car Rental Benefits of Sapphire Reserve at Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits. Com

Today we’re going to be looking at the car rental benefits offered by the Chase Sapphire Reserve. This card gives you National Car Rental Emerald Club executive level membership, and this is the membership I took advantage of on my recent trip to California.

So first go to the Ultimate Rewards section on Chase’s website, drop down the menu, click on card benefits and then you will be taken to this screen where you can follow the link to enroll in executive level membership of the National Emerald Club. I choose this over avis preferred, which is open to everyone anyway and not really a big perk.

Both companies give you a discount code, which you can use to save more money with executive level membership. You can skip the line and choose any car from the executive area, you get one free rental every six days and guaranteed upgrades, when you book a midsize, it is very easy.

I booked a mid-sized SUV online and I was directed to the executive area where I got a car which I was very happy with, so it’s pretty awesome and we got an upgrade with the car. I think it was an upgrade because Chase Sapphire has a status with the Emerald Club and National Car Rental, so you can basically take any car you won in Emerald Isle.

When I got there, there was a man standing there, and he was like telepathic, he asked me how about the Jeep, and I thought that was exactly what I want, so I got this awesome Jeep Grand Cherokee with leather interior and the man went with me.

So we’ve been driving this car around for a couple of days, we drove down Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills, it felt well and I really like the system. It has the satellite navigation, but it has more than that.

If you connect your phone to it, and the apps on your phone like maps or something like that can seamlessly transfer onto the screen, so it is cool and it drives great, moreover it’s sufficiently high on the road like some SUVs. These days, people are making them a bit lower or even like the Ford Explorer or some Japanese ones like Nissan Rogue Murano.

Because people know they’re not actually using them for off-road so it looks like these companies are making a cross between SUV and a sedan car, which I don’t like, if I want an SUV, I will be annoyed that they don’t make Hummers anymore because that would be a perfect car for me, but this is actually a great car and I’ve really enjoyed driving it, but it is too bad that we have to take it back today, it was an awesome trip and car except for that the built-in GPS had a little glitch, and it completely froze one point.

So using your phone through the car’s system is handy, other than that, this is a cool car, it’s big with a massive sunroof, a great big trunk leather interior together with other features which are great for going to the beach or the mountains. So I recommend you to sign up for this benefit .

If you have enrolled successfully, you’ll see this executive written on your national profile. If not, you’ll just get this EC Emerald Club, and you may need to enroll again or even call them up to make sure that you have enrolled in the program. It took me three attempts to enroll through the website to get it to work.

So make sure you see that executive written on your profile. Another thing you have to know is that this executive club level membership will not accelerate your progress to executive elite status, you can see on this earning graph here, you still have to start from the bottom and complete all of the rentals.

If you want to get up to executive elite, the Chase Sapphire reserve also offers primary insurance collision damage waiver on rentals after 31 days which will cost up to $75,000. Now this is primary insurance, which means you do not have to first claim through your own insurance policy.

It’ll only kick in if your insurance is not enough, but this is primary insurance. So you just claim through the sapphire reserve policy, and you can confidently refuse the collision damage waiver that many current companies try to sell you when you’re renting one of their cars, as long as your car rental fits all the criteria in chases terms and conditions, which you should read by yourself.

I’ll post a link of them in the description of this video, I also need to point out that it only covers damage to the car that you are renting. It’s not liability insurance for damage to other cars or people, if you got injured in an accident, it is your fault.

Now most rental companies include basic liability insurance for that sort of thing in their rental policies, but laws can vary from state to state and country to country, and it may not be enough to cover a major accident.

So with this insurance, it’s your responsibility to read through the terms and conditions of your own cars insurance policy that should cover rentals in some way, and the terms and conditions of the car company that you are renting from as well.

Because they will give you some sort of liability insurance, don’t take their word as 100%, because regulations can change from country to country. There are so many different things with this, so take the responsibility to do the research. I hope you enjoy this video about the car rental benefits from the Chase Sapphire reserve.

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