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The Collection of Ancestrydna Sample at

Description: The article below mainly mentions that the author intends to show us the detailed procedures on how to provide an Ancestry DNA sample and indicate us how the process works.

It’s sample collection time, I will go ahead and get everything open and show you how this process works, here are the collection sample items, this is the solution that’s required. I went online and activated my account, so I hid that part now.

I’m filling the tube with saliva – the black wavy line and make sure all of the saliva is in there, so I’m not going to show you about my spinning, this didn’t take long at all, took the cap off, but now I have to replace the well, that was the funnel, I have to replace this cap with the funnel, so I took that off.

I will go ahead and do that, put the cap on now and that’s what the instructions replace the funnel with the cat, so that’s what I’m doing it, the blue solution went in, so next I have to tighten it to release the fluid, so I saw that happen now, it says shake the tube for at least 5 seconds.

The solution is mixed with the saliva, it says to place the tube in the collection bag, so now there’s my collection bag, but I want to mention before I do when I did 23m, it seems they needed a little bit more saliva for their test, you can check out my DNA playlist, so most of those steps are in there, but this one didn’t seem to take us long before I felt like I took 20 minutes, they give 23.

This collection tube is smaller, so it took me about 2 to 3 minutes to fill it, not even that probably two minutes,so I will go ahead and put this in the bag, so my sample has been sealed in this collection to use the box that they gave us to meal and I will mail it off and update on my results as soon as they come in.

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