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Description: The author of the passage mainly shows us the review of his ancestry dot using a DNA kit. We may find the step-by-step instruction guides to see ancestry DNA by going through the registration process.

I will go through and review my ancestry dot, see a DNA kit, they will tell you to bring yourself to ancestry DNA aid CA to register and we will go through the process, insert photo shots of my registration process, here’s the box.

As it was delivered in the mail and you get the ancestry DNA instruction cat guide in both English and French, their collection bag which has instructions on it and we will go through those thoroughly.

We have this, it’s the collection we kept here, this is the collection kit and I believe that has our registration numbers and everything on it, they are the same registration numbers, we have the back of there,it was somewhere else on the box, so you got the serial numbers and everything match between them.

This is the shipping box, the return shipping, it seems that those numbers match up and these ones in the collection kit match up for our purposes,let’s get you the instructions together, she has English ancestry DNA and welcome to ancestry DNA simply, complete the following steps and the discoveries begin.

The first step is to activate the kit online which is safe and secure and step two is to gather our DNA which is simple and easy, follow these instructions carefully and keep this instruction card with your important documents which means your serial numbers of your registration relate to your saliva and your shipping serial numbers.

These are your activation numbers and your serial number step 1 activate the kit online, do not skip this step, you cannot get your results unless you activate your tests, so you want to load up your internet and go to ancestry DNA dot CA with a hyphen or sorry a slash forward slash activate AC Tiva te.

If you don’t have an ancestry account,this is where you go through and register and I’ll show you some snapshots, your step 2 in the registration process is to enter the 15-digit activation code from the collection, this code is the one that will link your samples.

It is the only way that they can identify your sample with evidence, we don’t get our results, so we want to make sure that we have our activation code in the back and that’s corresponding to our kit, it’s also in there when the serial numbers which are hard to read until the opening step 2 gathered DNA and this is a very important step, do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes for half an hour before your saliva sample.

I haven’t eaten, drunk, smoked, chewed gum or otherwise done anything with my saliva sample in the last hour or so, because I want to be sure that I find out who I am, so we will fill the tube with saliva to the black wavy line, not including bubbles, so we can fill it with bubbles.

When you can have bubbles, make sure that the saliva sample is full and complete up to the wavy line and that your bubbles are above the wavy line, if you have bubbles in your saliva, it’s easy to do, it’s less than a quarter teaspoon of saliva.

Do not overflow, because we’ll be adding the funnel, we will be adding either through a little compound, I’ll get to that in a second, this is why we don’t want to overflow, so we want to replace the funnel with the cap.

Then we remove the funnel from the tube, screw it, on the enclosed cap tight, because we want to release the solution that will stabilize the DNA in your saliva, that’s the solution and that’s why we don’t want to overfill.

You end up tightening to release the stabilizing fluid, you will know it works, when the blue solution from the cap has emptied into the tube, your test will be completed in sixty weeks, from the time they receive our sample, so we want to shake the tube for at least five seconds, this will ensure our sample mixes thoroughly with the stabilizing solution so that their labs can best process our sample.

We will place the tube in the collection bag, so that’s the sample we’ve made in the collection bait bag provided by with the DNA kit, we will seal the bag with the adhesive strip and part of its instructions, what we do is to leave that pattern and then we will mail in our sample place in the prepaid mailing box and send it away when our results are ready.

They’ll contact us at the email address associated with the account that we registered after that we’ll be able to access our personalized results anytime at entrance s3 CA and check out our family trees and stuff too.

If they’re included, it’s interesting, let’s gather DNA, that’s what we think you are ready to gather a deal in here, this is manufactured by ancestry DNA LLC, the kit is designed for the collection of human saliva samples and storage is at 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

You can’t read those instructions on my phone, this is made in the USA with a patent pending, there’s a cap choking hazard, keep out of reach of children wash with water, if liquid solution comes in contact with your eyes or your skin,don’t eat that stuff or swallow it.

This is our tube, this is our spit here, we’ve lined, there’s our solution that we will be adding,when we’re all done, it’s got a nice little spit funnel on it, so our mouth the fit into there.

I think I need to spit a little more, I almost got there, I wonder whether it sounds disgusting, I got spit a little more foamy on top, so if you got dry mouth, it will take you a few more spits to spit, but that’s a totally acceptable to build up saliva in my mouth.

You can see my bubbles and you can see my liquid spit, but if I’d stop talking, my mouth wouldn’t be so dry,tell me you spit again, my bubbles are all above there and my liquid spit is all below the bubble line, you put a little dribbler,I don’t want to overfill it, but I want my spit up to the line and balls in spots not too much.

We will replace that cap like they told us to do and you’ll know it, because the liquid goes into it, so I heard a pop up tighten it on nice and tight to release the solution,this sucker, it is just one angle because the oxygen gets that nice and tight, we got the solution on and now they want us to tighten and release and stabilizing.

You’ll know it works from the blue solution,the cap is emptied into the tube and for five seconds for shaking it, so he says at least 5 seconds, let’s do it for 10.

There’s my spit in the tube with the stabilizing solution,it didn’t go up a whole, they want us to insert it in the collection bag provided with the DNA kit, seal the bag with the adhesive strip.

Let’s read the instructions on this, there’s French instructions on the English, by sending your sample, you acknowledge that your sample will be processed by ancestry DNA in the United States for the purpose described in and that achier and archived consistent with the terms and conditions available online at your local ancestry website the DNA kit.

Test results are not intended for your personal medical or diagnostic use, do not remove the absorbent pad inside the collection bag, so we’re trying to find our answer from here in the background, this isn’t for medical use or Diagnostics of our health, but I like to look at this.

I wil find this in that package,put this inside, I go to the post office and put it inside of a post bag or a box of shiny mailbox, it’s cold outside the store, what we want to do is to make sure it’s good and healthy.

It’s air mailed and air mail would tell me it is probably temperature controlled, so let’s make sure we do everything right, we keep it stored temperatures 15 to 30 degrees,we go mail that in, it’s got my serial code on it for identification of mailing addresses, email address is associated to my activation which was that other number, there’s a dance he’s got me over.

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