What Did The Coco Filmmaking Team Find in Their AncestryDNA Results Net

Coco is a film all about family and the importance of remembering those who came before us. It has made me think about my family history, the people that I knew who are no longer in my life and the family members I don’t know at all.

What’s so fun about this story is that Miguel has the opportunity to meet his ancestors. I think that we’re all curious about who came before us and where we got all our talents or proclivities, which is merely part of being a human being.

I’ve long thought about doing the ancestry of DNA test, so when I had this opportunity, I was extremely thrilled at taking the DNA test, which is interesting to me. I’m curious to see if there are any artists in my family. My mom was adopted, so I don’t really know my background well. Hopefully, it’ll open some doors to some mysteries.

I work for ancestry as a family historian. I’m glad to show you some of your ancestry DNA results. I am excited as well that I’ve got a Berrien Peninsula 29%, Europe South 28%, Native American 17% and Great Britain 14%.

So if you take the combination of the Iberian Peninsula and the Native American, it is a very clear indicator that you have Mexican heritage. My ancestry DNA tests revealed a few surprises.

In October of 1861, Iram Kibby signed up for yourvservice, so he fought in a civil war. According to some other records, he is drummer. My great-great grandfather was a drummer in the Civil War and my son who is 13 years old has been playing the drums in his school band.

There’s a nice connection across time. It is really neat to see a little piece of history in the documents. We found the actual images that he drew. His drives are fantastic. I’m Oil Pumps and I’ve always been an artist while my brother’s an engineer. It’s fantastic to have that connection. I am going to introduce you to a new ancestor in your tree.

His name is Joshua Barker. Ancestry DNA test is able to find some relatives on my mother’s side, which is great.

I think it’s going to be healing for our family. If she’s your great-grandmother, one of these three children is even closer to you. This is Orville, who is engaged in the movie industry, Curly could be my, great-grandfather.

He’s definitely related to me and engaged in the film industry. feel excited to connect with some relatives and keep unraveling the mystery. We don’t pass stories, along that can come a point where people are just forgotten and lost to time, which is what we really explore in coco. It is good to be connected to someone that is far away from you, and when do you know their story, they become much closer to you.

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