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Capital One Credit Review

Description: The article is going to show us something about Capital One Credit Wise, we may find some means to get credit wise score from Capital One with different numbers.

If you are looking to learn more about your credit wise score from Capital One, you’re in the right spot, you can get your credit score from a lot of places and each one may give you a slightly different number, that’s because there are several ways to calculate it called scoring models and each model can have a unique range credit wise uses the TransUnion vantage score 3.0 model to calculate your score which is based on your transunion credit report and has a range of 300 to 850.

While Capital One doesn’t use vantage score 3.0 for making credit decisions, it’s a common model used by other lenders, but no matter what model is used to calculate your score by taking these key steps, you control your credit future, make sure you make on-time payments, keep your oldest accounts open, pay down your balances, limit credit inquiries, don’t open too many accounts too quickly and keep plenty of available credit.

You know more about your credit wise score and the top things that affect it are that you can confidently rule your credit with credit wise from Capital One.

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