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Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card Should You Get This Travel Rewards Card? Chase Freedom

Description: The article mentions one of the travel awards credit cards which is called the chase freedom unlimited, the author tends to show us how we can transfer points to another credit card in order to use it for travel.

Today we’re talking Travel Awards credit cards, today’s credit card is the chase freedom unlimited, before I get started, if you’re new to the channel, please hit the subscribe button and don’t forget to have little bell icon, so you can get future updates on my videos.

I’ll talk about the benefits of the credit card in the end, let’s give you my overall opinion and I’ll also tell you how you can transfer points to another credit card in order to use it for travel and things like that.

This is a cashback card, it’s a little different, it’s in the realm of the travel rewards credit cards, but you have to have an additional card in order to do that and I’ll explain that in the end.

First, you don’t have to pay an annual fee, that’s good, one hundred and fifty dollar bonus here that you’ll get after spending fifty five hundred dollars within the first three months, you’ll also get twenty five dollar bonus.

If you sign up an authorized user so those are all good things you can get up to one hundred and seventy-five dollars for doing those two things, you have zero APR for the first 15 months of account opening.

If you want to do balance transfers, that’s the time to do it, because it’s zero APR, after that, you’ll have to pay the interest on that, this is important here, so you’ll earn 1.5% cash back and that is on everything.

If I go to a restaurant or a grocery store, it’s going to be the same, that’s one point five percent across-the-board, so if I spend $100, I get a dollar fifty back, it isn’t that much, but over time, let’s say over a year, you can accrue some cash back, that’s how it works better than nothing, that’s what if you look at it, cash back rewards don’t expire, so you can always use your cash back rewards and some of the other benefits of the car too.

Let’s look at some of the protections here, these are always good to know zero liability protection, so basically, if someone uses your card fraudulently, they will do an investigation, you don’t have to worry about it, so if you see something that is not right in your account, let them know, so the purchase protection here covers 120 days against damage or theft.

If you have a claim, it’s $500 or less and you have the Bank of $50,000 per account, so you also have an extended warranty, if you make a purchase using this credit card, you get a year manufacturer warranty, then you’ll also get an additional year for using the credit card, so that’s a big plus and I always advise people if you make a big purchase, you should use your credit card, because you get that extra added perks there three years.

If it’s a three-year manufacturer warranty, they’ll give you an additional year on top of which would like be a total of four years, so that’s not bad fraud protection, they’ll let you know they monitor your credit card, so they’ll let you know if there are some fraudulent activities on your account fraud alerts.

You can also get a phone text email alerts, so they’re good about that, if there’s anything, that’s going on with your account, they’re good about letting you know and taking care of that for you.

This is a no annual fee credit card and I would definitely recommend it for anyone, if you are new to travel rewards programs, this is definitely a card that you want to look into mainly because you have that no annual fee, you can start working on accruing points or accruing cash back to use for travel.

The big benefit of this credit card is that you can use it with another credit card or more premium card, let’s say Chase Sapphire Preferred of this Chase Sapphire Reserve or the chase Inc of the business card.

You can use it with that card, I’ll give you an example, so you have a hundred and fifty dollars here, so that’s your cash back after spending the hundred dollars, you did $150, I can take that hundred and $50 value, transfer it up to a Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

When I say transfer, it’s basically a click of a button and it’ll transfer it up to one of your other accounts, when I open up, I go online and open up my accounts, it shows all the Chase carts that I have.

It’s very easy to do transfer those points one hundred and fifty dollars up to my Chase Sapphire Preferred card and then it will give me fifteen thousand points, because that’s the equivalent to one hundred and fifty dollars.

I’ll have fifteen thousand points, I can use that for travel, so I can transfer that, if I want to transfer, for example, United Airlines, I have fifteen thousand points to transfer over there and then I can purchase a one-way ticket from Los Angeles, but from Los Angeles to New York one-way ticket usually costs about twelve thousand five hundred points.

Doing a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to New York usually costs more than one hundred and fifty dollars, but in this situation that hundred and fifty dollars went a long way, because I was able to transfer it up to the Chase Sapphire Preferred and then transfer it over to United and then make that purchase, so that’s how that works.

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