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Chase Sapphire Reserve CSR and American Express Platinum Chase Reserve

Description: This article is intended to make a comparison between the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the AMEX platinum. The author prefers the latter one, because there are many benefits and advantages of the AMEX platinum.

The AMEX platinum is a beautiful platinum metal card. It’s got a bit of weight, it is made of metal, but not as sturdy as the American express platinum. Use this card and you will get a lot of discounts in many aspects of life, such as shopping, travelling, eating and so on. You will also have a lot of privileges in many situations, such as the situations when you are flying, your trip delay or cancellation insurance.

We use the AMEX platinum conscious to book in-demand restaurants at peak times, so if you want to book something for a special occasion or you need help finding tickets it will be a benefit to maximize.

The AMEX platinum has unique benefits: price protection, trip delay reimbursement and $100 off domestic round-trip flights when you use the visa.

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