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Chase Sapphire Reserve Every Traveler Needs It Chase

Description: The article will introduce us the bonuses we can benefit from using the Chase Sapphire Reserve card when we travel around the world with credit card rewards, we will be shown five detailed reasons why the author highly recommends us to use it.

Are you looking to save money when you travel credit card rewards? Bonuses are one of the best ways to travel around the world for barely any money, what if I told you there was a new credit card out there? That was the best I’ve ever seen for exactly these kind perks.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card has just come out and I’m going to tell you  five reasons. The first reason, you had better act fast before this goes away 100,000 chase ultimate reward points, if you spend $4,000 in the first three months, if you can make that happen for one hundred thousand reward points, you can get a five-star all-inclusive resort for one week in Isla Mujeres Mexico, eighty three point seven thousand points in retail value of almost $1,500. If you want to go the airplane route, how about transferring eight thousand points directly to United? You could fly round-trip in economy from New York to Auckland, New Zealand.

The second reason, this is one of my favorite perks, three times bonus points, every time you use it at a restaurant or for any travel related expense, use this card anytime you go out and watch those reward points skyrocket, a lot of you don’t like annual fees.

The third reason is that it entirely covers $300 off any travel related expense throughout the year and it’s automatically deducted, I’m talking Subway’s taxis, ubers and airplanes, if travel related Chase has your back here, a four hundred fifty dollar annual fee drops down to a more manageable one hundred and fifty dollars.

The fourth reason, this one encompasses two separate things, Global Entry and priority task select a global entry get to expedite access to the United States through immigration, when you enter the US at any Airport, this saves you a ton of time while everybody else is waiting to get their passport stamped.

You can be at the baggage carousel or ready outside of the gates then Priority Pass select gets you access to 900 different airport lounges around the world, I’ve used it with different credit cards before, it’s an amazing perk and with his credit card, get free guest access, we’re not one person, but every single person in your traveling party the fifth and final reason to get.

This card is general trip protection and this starts when you get to the airport, you rent a car you have up to 75,000 dollars covered, if anything happens with that car rental, as long as you use this credit card, you get four times a year roadside service up to fifty dollars, no foreign transaction fees, when using this credit card overseas, you can get the best perk when you’re traveling is trip delay insurance.

If your flight is delayed over six hours, you can get up to $500 per person per ticket to help cover such costs as hotels food transportation, it’s an awesome privilege to have it. Those are my five reasons, every traveler needs to have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, if you spend money with it, if you can pay it off in full every single month, the benefits, the perks, the one hundred thousand point reward make this a can’t-miss.

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