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Chase Sapphire Reserve Review 100,000 Sign-Up Bonus Points Chase Sapphire Reserve

Description: In the following article, we can see a review about the content on the chase sapphire reserve card, the author will share with us about the benefits we can get through using the card and the ways to apply for it online.

Today I want to talk about the chase sapphire reserve card, it’s the latest card from chase, I received my car the other day and it can come out about two or three weeks ago, but I waited some time to apply for it.

I had heard that it was going to be difficult to get it, they were going to be picky about who gets approved, so I want to share with you the details and all the benefits that has to offer.

First of all, my corn up came in an envelope, there’s a came UPS, I guess for safety reasons, not to get lost in the mail or stolen, then it comes with a pamphlet, then it also comes with all the other typical little pamphlets that come with credit cards out learning all the benefits.

Let’s start off with those benefits, first of all, in the first three months, if we spend four thousand dollars, we see 100,000 points, that’s correct, these days are only offering in anywhere in between 30 and 50 thousand points.

I think it is a no-brainer, you earn three points for every dollar spent on travel, that includes airlines, hotels, train parking, it also includes uber and car rentals, with the car rental, you also get a collision protection, so you get some protection.

You also get travel insurance, that is trip cancellation interruption insurance with that, but you have to use the court for those particular, for that particular trip in order to have coverage for it, you also earn three dollars three points for every dollar spent on dining.

That includes fast food restaurants and one dollar spent on everything else, you can either use them through chase rewards and book your travel through chase rewards or you can transfer them to some other partners, the airline partners include british airways Virgin Atlantic southwest and United hotel partners include Hyatt IHG and Marriott Rewards.

It is quite flexible, I can’t say enough about this card, there are so many benefits, you can also earn bonus points, if you shop through chase rewards at certain stores, I saw a staples apple and JC Penney.

If you shop online, we’ve got to go through chase rewards in order to earn those bonbons points, in addition, you get a priority pass access at over 900 locations worldwide, it’s a club access, you get a piece for yourself.

If you have an authorized user, they also get a pass, the only thing is that the fee is a little steep, it’s four hundred and fifty dollars a year, I look at it as a hundred and fifty dollars and the reason being is that you get three hundred dollar credit towards travel every year.

You’re only paying $150, that’s how I look at it, you also get credit, if you apply for global entry or TSA PreCheck, they will give you up to one hundred dollars credit towards that fee, so this card does have a lot of benefits.

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