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Description:The article is about the mobile ADP. It is an employee training on TSheets Mobile App. The author tells us every details on how to use the TSheets mobile application and learn to clock in and out. It is a very helpful application for people to use.

You can join me for your Tsheets online training. My name is Michelle. Today I’ll take you through your employee training over the TSheets mobile application. The first thing I want to show you is our printable user guide. That will help you for future reference,learning and remembering how to clock in and out and use the application. It’s especially helpful for learning how to download the application and it is going to be one of the first things you’ll have to do in order to use it to track time.

You can take a look at my screen here. What I’m showing you here is the printable guide. It will walk you through step-by-step on how to install the application,how to sign in and out and how to clock in switch clock out. Those are everything that. I’m going to show you in the training here. You can reference easily later down the road. You can print this out. There’s also a place up at the top where you can put in your TSheets URL username and password. There are lots of helpful information.

To find this printable guide,all you have to do is to go to Up at the top,you’ll see four filters. You can go to the grey one to find our printable guides. Let’s pull up the mobile application and it will show you how to sign in and track time.

There is the mobile application. I’ve already got it downloaded on my phone. The first thing is you need to do is this. As an employee,you need to know three pieces of information,your username or email,your password and your TSheets URL.

The username and password will probably be created by the admin of your account for you,so you can reach out to them. They’ll be able to provide you with those pieces of information or they may have sent you an invite where you can set up your own password.

Now for the TSheets URL,you might be asked to enter that in when you sign in. If your username is fairly common such as s brown,your TSheets URL says peanuts crew That’s what I’ve entered here into the web address.

It’s the first part of the peanut screw. Yours might be something similar to that words,an acronym or a shorter version of the company name. But it’s should be parts already entered in there for you to use. You need to make sure you’ve got those three pieces of information ready. You can sign in now. If you ever forget your password,you can reach out to the admin and they’ll be able to reset it for you or you can tap the forgot password link.

I’m signing in as my employee Sally. I’m going to go ahead and enter in by her username and her password and the TSheets URL. As soon as I enter in that information,I will see the first page of the application which puts me on the my timecard. The my timecard is going to be our punch style option which allows you as an employee to clock in and out,get those time sheets with that start time and end time. Your admins need to know exactly when you start and end that timesheet.

When you are working,it will total the hours. I want to say a blanket statement to let you know that each account is different, so the information that you’re putting into the timesheet may look a little bit different than mine. You may be put in customers or projects or maybe there are some required fields,you can click the clock in button to start your timesheet.

I’m going to show you a mix of everything. Depending on how your account is setting up,this will help you to learn how to track time. But if you have any specific questions,you can always reach out to us,call us,chat with us or email us and we’ll help you to learn how to track time or troubleshoot or anything in the account.

This is what we can use to start tracking our time so clocking in and out. Now from here the first thing we have to do is to pick our job. In the middle of my application,there is a job area where it says select job. That might be customer or project or maybe named something completely different. When I tap on this,it allows me to select what my timesheet is going towards.

I can see my list here. If one of these options has an arrow next to it,that indicates that there are sub projects or subcategories maybe customers and jobs. If you see that,make sure you select the corresponding option from the menu. After I picking my job, I also have a task field that I have to fill out. This may be named something different. You need to take a look if it says required. If it’s required,you’ll have to enter in before you can clock it out or save that timesheet. Make sure you will take a look if it says required.

From here I get to pick from my corresponding list for what is basically corresponding as my task. It is a construction. I can also enter in notes if there’s anything that needs to be detailed for my admin. As a reminder for me,I can tap here into the notes field and put something in here. At the top,there’s a Save button. I have to press save here to get this note to attach. Make sure you have press the save button.

With all these details filled in I still have not clocked in. I still have to go down to the bottom of my application and press the clock-in button. As soon as I do that,you can see my timecard turns green. It is a nice visual indicator letting me know that I am on the clock.

Up at the top, you can see your day total your start time and all of the information you put in to create this timesheet. Now there are a couple things that I want to mention. You can go in later and adjust your note simply tap on that notes field. You can add more notes then press save.Now you also have a section towards the bottom left which says attachments.

This is something that allows you as an employee to take pictures of something and attach it to your timesheet. It’s great for before-and-after pictures and for documenting the work you did or taking a picture over a seat. If your admin needs something documented on to that timesheet,use this to either take a photo here in the moment or select one from your camera. Then you can add a note to it and attach it to your timecard.

At the bottom of the application,there are three buttons take break,clock out and switch. The take break will allow you to go on to a rest break or a lunch break. When you see this screen,make sure you select what break you’re going towards or it’ll automatically put you into the break.

It’s going to show you how much available time is on that break and what you’ve already taken. If you’re on lunch,you can lock your phone and put it in your pocket and you may even receive a notification maybe five minutes before it scheduled to end. So you can clock in on time. If you are done with your lunch break,you can simply come here tap and break. It’ll put you back onto the clock. In that way you don’t have to worry about clocking back in. It automatically does it for you so you are tracking all of your time.

Down towards the bottom,you also have a switch button. The switch button is helpful for you if you don’t work on the same project all day long.I work on or I go over to the office and I work on some documentation,I need to switch to that. You don’t have to clock out and clock back in. You can tap switch and that will allow you to pick from the menu for what your next time sheets going to be. You can come here, select your job. Remember I said about the documentation.So you can pick that from the list, and then get to pick the tasks. Remember it’s a required field. So you have to enter it in.

Not all of you might have required field so you need to look out for that. If it’s seeming to give you an error it might be because you need to fill out one of those required fields. This is an administrative task so I’ll select that. You can put in notes if you want to or do it later. I’m going to move on and press save. You have to press save in order to switch. If you left that screen up it means you are not switched. You can see on my timecard where it says job is documentation,tasks is administrative. I can add attachments enter notes here as I need to.

That’s my my time card. There’s one last button here and that’s the clock out button. When you’re totally done for the day you can hit that button and it’ll clock you out. Then you’re ready for the next day to start a new timesheet. That’s the my timecard portion and it shows you as an employee what you can do to track time on the TSheets application by clocking in and out. It will get you those start times and end times. But that’s not the only way to track time from the mobile application here. I’ll show you another way.

I want to show you a couple things on the application first. You need to take a look at the first section on the application on that lower menu bar. That’s your overview section. This is where you can see your totals for the day if you have any shifts scheduled ,your work break out and maybe even your available balances for PTO. It’s not very interactive but it is so informative.You can come here to see all the information needed for your day. You can also tap inside the schedule to view your full schedule to see what your admin has planned for you. That’s your overview.

Let’s move on to the third section down at the bottom and that’s your timesheets area. As an employee,depending on your permissions,you can view your timesheets and maybe even edit or add more time. If you’re an employee that doesn’t have to manage my timesheets permission. This is where you can view all your details and view your notes and attachments that you put into your time. If you have the manage my timesheets permission this is where you can come to edit and add a manual timesheet.

Let’s show you how to do that. First take a look at this page of the application and up at the top right you will find a plus sign. That plus sign is how you can add a new timesheet. Remember this is permission based so if you don’t see it,you need to ask your admin it’s something they might be able to give to you. If not it’s the set up that you currently have. Now from here when you manually add a timesheet,you can decide how you want to create it either with a start time or with an end time.For example,you clocked in on Friday at 8:15 and left at 3:30 so you can use these specific fields to fill that out. If you worked maybe on Sunday from 9:00 can come here to select that time from the wheel. You can say end time was Sunday at 3:15 and you can put in those hours this way.

I still need to pick my job or my tasks and enter any notes but that’s how I put my hours in. I can also switch this over to duration. With it on duration,I don’t have to put in a start time or an end time. I only have to put in the total amount of time and on which day. I can tap through the menu maybe this was for March 6th,then I can select the job for documentation. I also want to put in my total time,tap on total then scroll through how many hours you worked.

You can also put in the tasks. Remember any other required fields,put in notes and then save this. Now remember if you don’t put in that required field,that’s the error you may have. It’ll remind you to go put in that task. That’s how you add a manual time sheet. You can remember two ways,punch in and punch out or total hours. From here you can also edit past time sheets if you have the correct permissions. To do that,you can simply tap on a timesheet you want to look at to make an edit. That will pull up on your menu here.

You will see icons in the upper right,a pencil icon and three dots. The pencil icon is our universal edit button,so tap on that to bring up your edit option. This is where you can maybe change the job or the customer or any advanced tracking field or add notes or add attachments. You can make sure everything’s correct including that start and end time. When you’re done don’t forget to press save.

That will make those changes stick. If you don’t need to edit anything,press the X in the upper left. Now from here you also have three dots in the upper right and that’s going to allow you to possibly delete a timesheet. Be careful with this because you don’t want to lose anything. If you delete it,it will disappear forever. You can always delete and they’ll give you a secondary pop-up to confirm or press cancel. It’ll still be here. That’s how you can add time from the timesheets list,view the timesheets to edit or delete. Even if you as an employee,you don’t have the manage my timesheets permission,you can still come here to view your timesheets and see all the details.

A couple other things from here. You may see a submit time button in the upper right which allows you to do that. You can select the dates that your admin needs you to submit and submit it to them from the application. You can tap on the days and press submit in the upper right.

You’ll agree to this then tap submit once more and those timesheets will be sent to your admin for approval. That’s your timesheets list here. At the bottom of the application,you’ll find a few more icons at the bottom. The next one is our schedule. This is where you can see what your admin has planned for you to work. You’ll see the start time the end time may be any possible details of what you’re working on by tapping on the shift.

If you tap on to a shift,you may even see a clock in button which allows you to start a timesheet with the information placed into this shift by your admin. If you need more help with the schedule,let us know,call us,chat with us or email us and we’ll give you more training.

You can access your shifts from here, see all the details and even clock into it from here. You also have a more section down at the bottom of the application and this is where you can see more options. Depending on your permissions,you may see the who’s working window or a paid time off field. The who’s working window is what’s going to allow you to see other fellow employees who are currently on the clock and what project they’re working on. All of Sally’s teammates are not currently working. But if they were you’d see where they are and how long they’ve been there.

You will see a PTO area paid time off. This is where you can add edit or delete PTO entries. It’ll show you the current entries that you have made for the year and will also show you a plus sign in the upper right. It allows you to add more PTO. When you open this up,it’ll allow you to see the available balances. If you need to take a vacation day,select that code, pick one day and then press save.

That will add to the vacation time sheet and send it over to your admin for approval.You can use the back arrow to get back to your more menu. The last thing and one of the most important things I want to tell you about is your profile. You can find your profile from every tab you go on. It’s in the upper left. You can find it there by seeing your profile picture. When you tap on your profile,you will see this. From here you can change your profile picture,view your account information,adjust your settings,find your sync Now button and get help in support.

From the account information,it will show you your username,some of your permissions and your web address. It is a nice informative page. Back to your profile,you’ll also find your settings. You need to take a look at your settings because you can adjust some of these on your own. If you take a look at the first one,notification settings,you can find your clock in and out reminders,you can put in schedule notifications everything. You can adjust all of these reminders on your own  here. You need to make sure that it’s sending you a helpful notification.

It’ll automatically save when you go back to this menu here. You can also remember selections and change a few things here now. Be careful with the last one here that says reset up. Please don’t use this one unless you’re basically told to from our tier 2 team. They’re the smart ones here. They’ll help you troubleshoot through the application and they will tell you to do a few steps to make sure that you’re not losing any information from the application.

Back to your profile,you’ll also find a sync Now button. This is an important one to know. The application and the dashboard and the computer part where you’re looking at here behind my application,they’ll talk and communicate on a regular automatic schedule. If your admin ever comes to you and says I don’t see you clocked in and you are from the mobile application,you can tap this sync Now button. It will load up and then send the information from the application over to the dashboard. It doesn’t automatically do it but if you ever need to force it,you can come here to press the sync Now button.

What I’m going to tell you about is help and support. This one is important because we want to be here to support you no matter what you’re doing in the application here. If you’re an admin, an employee or a manager,we want to help you with questions or troubleshoot if anything happens. When you tap on help & support,you’ll find these five options:help to go to our knowledgebase,report a problem,to talk to our tier 2 team,suggest an idea to make us better or call us and text us for support.

All of our help is free so you can call,text or send us an email as often as you need. The one thing I want to show you is how to report a problem because this is how you can talk to our tier 2 team. They’re the smart ones who look at the background of your application to see what’s happening and they’ll troubleshoot with you and find a resolution to the issue. You can come here and tap on report a problem from here. First you need to fill in your email address and we will know who to respond back. You need to describe the problem and tell us what’s happening. Tell us if you want to call.

And to call us for questions go back here tap the call us or text us. This is how we can hear from you. and again we want to help you as much as we can. We want to make sure you’re successfully tracking your time. That’s all from help and support. From the profile on the mobile application,you’ll also find about Tsheets. It is the version making sure your applications up to date also a sign out button. You don’t have to sign out. You can clock in and out and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about battery life. But if you want to sign out,you can simply do it by pressing that button here.

That’s your TSheets mobile application and that’s where you can track time, see your schedule,view your PTO and of course change your notifications all from the mobile application. If you have questions,reach out to our support team either from the mobile application or go to and you can find our help guides our knowledgebase and our phone number and email and chat options. You need to remember that our supports are free. We’re here to help you.

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